Haven't Played in a year Meta in a Nutshell?

Hello, previous diamond/platinum player that has not played in a year, what’s the new meta in a nutshell?

Also, seeing alot of early/mid game battlecruiser for ZvT, struggling to counter, any suggestions?

Vs BC opener you can go 2 base muta. 4-6 queens + 1 spore per base will shoo awaay the BC, and then the mutas often allow you to secure the kill and contain the terran on 2 base while you saturate your third. If he continues BC production into the midgame, then make corruptors and get air attack.

Terran has like 3-4 different styles they can play vs zerg: battlemech, turtle mech, bio mine, and bio tank. Bio is most popular right now, so zergs are usually going hydra or muta + ling bling, and later ultras.

Protoss is mainly doing adept dt builds/glaive all-ins into immortal archon chargelot comps, which zerg usually fights with either hydra ling bling or roach ravager bling, depending on commitment to robo. If it goes late and protoss hasn’t transitioned you can go broods.

Mirror is basically the same.

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Building Hatcheries and Drones, then building units, killing opponent with units.

Makes sense… Can I ask what rank you are? You’re profile’s hidden, and (no offense) I want to make sure I’m getting my ideas from reliable sources.

Hi I am m1 on na and just unhid my profile.

What I said is a little outdated, for ZvT you just play standard hatch gas pool, take off gas when you get 100 for ling speed, get a third around 30 supply and mass queens, like aim for 1 per base and then 5-7 extra to counter harass and spread creep. Take a 4th with 2 gas and heavy mineral saturation and play ling bling into hydra or muta, and then into lurker viper as ultras have kinda fallen out of favour with how ghost and marauder heavy terrans play.

Vs protoss the standard is 3+ oracle into blink/charge aggro, to which you should respond similarly as zvt, get ling speed and mass queens until you have like 3-5 extra, and then go into ling bling roach rav or straight into ling hydra, and then lurker. Protoss usually gets a 4th around similar time to you but you will outscale his gateway heavy army.

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