Harstem openly insulting Terran players in his last IODIS

See the kind of propaganda toss players are spreading to avoid the nerfs ? Don’t get me wrong, I like the captain but his boss is showing. Protoss IS imba


Niet tovarish Batman, some terran-trolls brought a video where a manure-terran complained and “The Capitan” had no choice but to take him apart…
Please post your whine-games to Harstem and we will be happy to hear the results.


I found a POV of Goba playing Protoss https://youtu.be/8kTMk7mU4aM?t=211


It’s just more hateful propaganda against Terran, trying to hide the injustice. Our gouvernement did the same thing to people when they were trying to speak out.

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It called taste own medicine propaganda against propaganda all fair


What sort of dark cabal do you think is conspiring in a smoke filled room under the headquarters of Blizzard North? such hyperbolic language, but it could also be obsession or paranoia. :upside_down_face:

Was Cucker Tarlson correct, and the FBI did Jan 6? Is that why the R is blocking an investigation? It definitely wouldn’t be the first time the government has engaged in agent provocateur or false flagging actions. I wonder, if Ashli Babbit had been black, would we know the ID of the murderer by now, or would qualified immunity somehow interfere with the public right to know?

Meh they play protoss to show one mistake no return

No, that’s just wrong. Propaganda is against Terran. We are speaking the truth because we are being oppressed as showed by our 45% winrate against players that are much worst than us.

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Why those whinny-terrans insist on sending their “Maru-like” games to Harstem is beyond me.
It’s a kind of masochism. They should send their games to HeroMarine or Nathanias or Marinelord if they want to hear things that they like.
Their confirmation-bias does not work with Harstem.

One could dare hope that harstem could show the minimum amount of fairness and neutrality to be honest about the blatant imbalance plaguing this game.

And how do you know that those players are “much worst than you”? Are we to just take your word of “terran honor”?

He shows indeed, not a minimum but a maximum of fairness. It is his fault that manure-players lack self-awareness?
Manure-terrans boast all kinds of rubbish, then Harstem checks and all those “stellar” things that they said they did…were missing.
That clown pretended to use EMP when he did not have Ghosts.
I suspect that you have an agent-provocateur in your midst. His name is thrasher. He posted the most hilarious video trying to make a terran-point when the video was Exibit-A in the Indictment of manure-terrans.

Time for Mr. Rager to open a new account. This specimen should drink a glass of chamomile in order to settle his weak nerves.
For such people with anger-issues an weak nerves the Starcraft is not advised by the doctors.

Time for rusty Felices to crumble into rusty dust where they belong. You eliminate the terran posts then they break free and become an army for your fave button. Double edged blade

There are rumors from trusted sources (namely Winter) that a patch is being worked on and that Protoss will finally be getting its nerfs. Maybe in a month or so we’ll have a balanced XvP again.

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Nothing wrong there actually

We have years of experience with idiotic nerffs. Are you sure that in a couple of months after the “nerffs” you won’t be back here to whine and spread snot with the BS: Protoss Imba?
Why don’t you work on the difficulties instead of depending on alms from Blizzard?

You remind me of the coward that thinks he will be brave after downing a bottle of whiskey.

Whiskey is no substitute for bravery.

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You’ve clearly never been in a boxing match with an Irishman


Whisky is for people with soft bellies like you. Real man take vodka. It’s not to substitute bravery, it’s to numb the pain and keep fighting, something you don’t need to do in your castle of crystal.

He’s just a big lipped moron.