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Han & Horner Prestige Talents off balance

I’m not sure where else to put this, which is strange that Blizzard doesn’t have something built into the PTR to provide feedback. The Talents for H&H are not very balanced to be worth someone’s time to prestige 3 extra times. Below are my issues and recommendations that would make a prestige feel prestigious rather than just extra work.

Mercenary Leader and Dominion Admiral

Though I understand that there is an option to use the base “Talent” if you choose, I don’t think players are being rewarded for their efforts of going through multiple Prestige by NOT having any prestige bonus’. Added buffs such as a 10% increase in Mastery power set effects; possibly a resource start boost of some arbitrary number of (500) resources that benefit fast starts; and a modest boost in unit attack speeds without messing with balance of the character could be a benefit to the player. Each of these boosts could be rewarded for each Prestige they complete which would incentivize people who have no interest in the new Talents.

Chaotic Power Couple

I’m not sure how Mag Mines and death effects while reducing the cost of Han’s units seems like it’d be a winner but it needs more balance if we are spending 30% more on Han units. A reduction in Air Fleet and Space Station Relocation would add to a better balance for this Talent as we sacrifice a lot of Han units and associated Significant Other bonus’ in this talent with nothing but some fast mag mines. Doesn’t seem worth the time.

Wing Commander

This talent ends up being/feeling Gas capped even with the reductions in cost to buying Han’s units. There’s no point in choosing this talent if you can only produce 3 BCs and a few Wraith pairs with all the upgrades… this doesn’t make it a fun play style so much as a pain for the other CO-OP Commander.

I recommend that either have a further decrease in gas and add a resource cost reduction; reduce research costs; or improve gas production with some notional Han unit that increases gas production like Swann’s Vespene drone, but for free.

Galactic Gunrunners

There isn’t much about this play style that is appealing. This is the least used function for this Commander. So you removed a cap and doubled the cost… leaving little reason to still use them. A reduction in recharge even by 10% would be helpful in making this a wanted option for players since you are sacrificing resources that normally go to troop strength for strike capability.

I agree. Galactic gunrunner didn’t provide much values especially in dead of night. Too long of a ramp time. 10 platforms did as much work as unlimited bombing platform in the same amount of time.

The platform could be 33% faster and affect air.
I’d buy those for 200 mineral and gas.

(Just to nitpick: HORNER is the Air guy in the couple. Prestige 1 makes Horner units more expensive, Prestige 2 makes them cheaper.)

Prestige 1 is actually a ton of fun because Mag Mines activate almost instantly - you can use them offensively, especially with the mastery. The other thing is that because most of the effects benefit Han’s units (the ones you get from Assault Galleons) you’ll be spamming those more than anything else, leaving you with a ton of extra gas, which (in my experience) makes it much easier than you’d expect to buy Air units, even at the increased price.

Prestige 2 also claims it only reduces Vespene cost, but it actually ends up being a 20% reduction in mineral cost, too. Two Assault Galleons + Ravens/Vikings means you have an expendable frontline and a formidable backline, and the increased charge rate on Air calldowns means you have a lot more freedom in making a composition.

Prestige 3 is garbage, I agree. I don’t understand why so many of the new prestige effects have downsides that totally negate the upsides. Scrap the cost increase, give Strike Fighters autocast versions of the Viking missile spam for driveby air damage (on top of the regular bomb), and make the drawback like… half bomb damage or something. Or maybe nerf a different part of HnH’s kit, so it feels both beneficial and necessary to rely on Strike Fighters.


Prestige 3 would be awesome if it wasn’t increased in cost. Love your idea for the Viking missile spam, maybe that can be an upgrade to the launch platform so it doesn’t weaken the main strike?

This. I was pleasantly surprised last night when I played a bunch of H&H, and a number of Wing Commanders, and noticed that also the minerals were being reduced. It’s by far my favorite prestige, and feels really well-balanced. I could get out entire fleets of ships thanks to the cost reduction and CDR over the course of a game.

I think it feels like a good tradeoff. Maybe the cost reduction could use a slight buff to 25 or 30, but honestly, it feels basically good as it is.

As for Prestige 3, I honestly feel like instead of the cap being removed, they just should be buffed. Like, the ability to hit air units in the radius, and/or a shorter cooldown for rearm/repair.

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I think they should definitely keep the “cap removal” but they need antiair ability to allow it to be worthwhile

Not sure since I haven’t tested Gunrunners yet, coincidentally mostly b.c I already got the impression I wouldn’t care for it, but I’m inclined to agree. I can’t imagine there being a real and viable benefit to further massing of platforms (but I’m going to attempt it to doublecheck), and your alternatives sound good. I also share your love for the Fleet spec.