Guess who i saw today

If you guessed Ragnarok, congratulations, you win a pumpkin you lucky sod. I talked to him for a bit on skype today. He’s dealing with some personal issues at the moment, including a death in the family (I checked, he’s ok with me sharing this much) but kind of misses posting here and is interested in coming back around soonish once things stabilize for him and his internet stops being bad.

Surely I cant be the only one who misses him. Even if I didn’t always agree with him, he was at least polite and interested in earnestly exploring ideas, as opposed to a few other posters who have come and gone…


Hey Kelthar. So at 6AM pacific time today, my grandma passed away in the hospital. She was perhaps the only thing keeping me sane for all these years, hence the reason why I reached out to others online and such.

The hospital said it was a tear in the aorta artery, and such an age it was inevitable. Hell, it should have happened sooner. Once such a tear happens, death becomes unavoidable. Some could happen within just a few min, some a few hours, some a few days, but only via surgery would it have been possible to prevent it. However given her age, the doctors said it was extremely unlikely she’d survive the surgical process to begin with.

My regret was I wasn’t able to cry on her deathbed. After so many years of brutality in my family, my eyes cried out years ago. Maybe one day, if I ever get someone else with a different mentality, once I regained my soul, I’ll be able to learn how to cry again.

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That… sounds horrible. I didn’t experience this kind of loss, but I can feel the pain in your words.

My condoleances. May you recover as fast as possible

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I’ll talk to you tomorrow on the details, Marsaro. She kept me sane for all these years, given my family’s brutality.

I’ll explain that to you as well. THEN you’ll finally understand why despite all the flaws, I couldn’t bring myself to turn against what Blizzard did to Kerrigan’s character.

Wow, you’re back. Long time no see!

Do I know you from somewhere? Because I cannot remember anymore. And I’m not back, not yet anyways.

Well, considering how actively you posted back in the forum of old, I’m sure we interact at some point! :rofl:

Regardless, I still don’t remember/know you.

I’m sorry for your loss Ragnarok.

Miss having you around as well.

My condolences. Stay strong.

We’ve never interacted, since I made my mark here later, but I’ve read a lot about you.

And what did those readings say?

I see. Well, regardless I didn’t come here to announce my return. When I explain to Marsaro on the details like I said I would, I hope you can better understand.

And in any case from where I see it, the time before I can REALLY return is still at least a year away.

In short - That you have been very active and dedicated poster, who self-admittedly wasn’t good at irony and that you tried to interact with everyone properly and gave it time. And then you left the Forum, because of personal business.

Hmmm, I’ll have to explain why I left the forum back then too…

Yeah, don’t worry about it. Blizzard keeps changing my name; I have no idea what I went by back. Maybe it was ‘Chaos’, I think?

Even then I still don’t remember you.

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Yeah, don’t worry about it too much. Given how many people you interact with, I highly doubt that you remember me. I’m not particularly stand out, you see?

Okay. But again, I didn’t come here to announce my return

Good to hear from you Rag, obviously wish the circumstances were better and hope you are doing ok.

Whenever you feel like posting again, we’d (if I may be so bold) be happy to see you back.

Actually Bentone, as you’re probably aware, I never actually explained the REAL reasons and details all those years ago as to why you and the others weren’t able to fully turn me against Kerrigan’s character.

I want to wait for Marsaro to get here, and then once he does and makes a post saying he’s here to hear me out, I’ll write it out.

Expect a VERY long post.