Greed Gaming Recruiting!

Hello to all reading!

A new clan called Greed Gaming is now recruiting members on the NA server. The clan is newly made and at the current moment does not have much to offer.

My goal is to have this clan help players improve, participate in events such as clan wars, peep modes and frequent team games. As of now, I can at least offer my assistance to anyone wishing to help grow this clan. I am tier 3-2 master with all races.

To anyone wishing to join either or participation or to help make something of the clan feel free to add me on Jylo#11231 or on discord Demiurge#7901.

I just started playing in December. I sent you a friend request though as i know absolutely no one that plays and have been fortunate enough to make a couple of friends through 1v1s over the last month and am looking for anyone to expand my noob friend list and have to play against and learn with. Hope you don’t mind the request.