Great custom Starcraft 1, 2 campaigns by talented creators

Hello everyone!

If you enjoyed Starcraft 1, 2 and are looking for something fresh in its universe, these custom campaigns might be of an interest to you. This subreddit has a list of various great custom campaigns by talented creators like Synergy, LordDz, Mindhawk, Zeralan. A lot of time and effort have been put into each one of them.

Feel free to try them out and give feedback. Each post describes one campaign. There’s currently a short description, an author, a trailer (if available), instructions on how to play, a Discord link and playthrough videos (currently mostly by GiantGrantGames and Jayborino).

If you like the campaigns, you can join the creators’ Discords and even support them monetarily.

If you know more campaigns you’d like to include, feel free to ping me (here or partisan_a on Reddit).

Here are some examples of great campaigns:


Another great campaign is Starcraft Mass Recall, playing SC1 in SC2.

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The reverse and race swapped campaigns sound like beating a dead cow. The 3 player coop and original custom campaign however is a much better alternative.

Say the one that don’t even know how to set an unit on a map in the map editor.

If your words were about a “custom” campaign made by Blizzard, AND that campaign required the player to pay, I could understand, but without those 2 conditions, what you said is extremely rude.

First of all I would like to apologize for my wrong use of idioms. It is actually “beating a dead horse.”

I still stand by what I said. Aside from answering some what if scenarios and having fun and chuckles, what’s the point? Oh it’s liberation day but instead of A-moving with Marines you now A-move with zealots and zerglings, so on and so forth. Take a look at WC3 reforged, some creators are making a total remake of the main campaign adding boss fights and more lore tie-ins while some are remaking the WC2 campaign in the engine (admittedly we already have Mass Recall for this). That’s what I want to see.

Don’t get me wrong I did play some of these but after seeing and trying out the new units/mechanics they introduced there was really not much point in playing further as we already know what happens next. And the spliced audio to make it fit in is just cringe most of the time, aside from the occasional ones where it actually fits in.

What you’re pointing to is what is called “milking the cow” and that means a different thing unless the reverse/race swap campaign creators do it for the money as well.

Oh please don’t make assumptions on a stranger just because you got triggered, I do know how to place a unit in the map editor.
I may not have the skill or time to make my own custom campaign, but I was able to edit the Mass Recall maps to my liking and made changes so that it ties in better with SC2. Why did Kerrigan have a ranged attack and can one shot vehicles in WoL? Boom she gets them after the Amerigo mission (the devs didn’t even add upgrade effects to her ranged attack but I did and I edited her ranged attack to have a minimum range so she still uses claws when in melee). Where the hell did she get a Leviathan in HotS? I placed one in the Omega mission (tbf Kerrigan vs 3 hero capital ships was unfair). These are just to name a few. You can believe me or not but I know what I’m capable of.

Edit: I’m not saying people shouldn’t play reverse/race swapped campaigns. I’m saying there are much better campaigns like odyssey or the Antioch chronicles remake. If they still want to play them despite the other much better options, then its their choice and I won’t think any less of them for it.

Thank you, but many many custom campaigns are left out, such as Invicta or Odyssey. This is only a portion of all the custom campaigns.