Getting matched vs Platinum and diamond players

Hello everyone. My first genuine post here.

I have started to played ranked games and they have been terrible so far. For my placement matches, I was only matched vs diamond players and all the subsequent games (after being placed in silver 1) I am matched against platinum players. At my best, I am a gold player, why am I playing vs all these high ranked people?

It is very frustrating trying to play and and knowing you are gonna lose at the end of it.

Is there any specific reason as to why I am not being matched with others from my league group? I am getting to the point where I am now 0 wins and 9 losses because I am constantly getting matched with people who are 2 leagues ahead of me. Please help

Thanks in advance

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Hello Killer,

Welcome to the ranked games! Glad you are trying this out.

It is pretty normal to play against platinum and diamond players at first if you have never played ranked before (new account) because the system tries to put you into the right place asap.
This means 2 things:

  • You are matched against platinum / diamond at first, if you win a lot.
  • You will get a league but also an mmr and the mmr is the meaningful part.
    –> “provisional mmr”: Your mmr will go up and down very fast at first because the system is “unsure” of your skill (mmr).
    You will get normal mmr which doesn’t change as much after you’ve played like 15-20 games, I believe, and after about 40-50 ranked games, your opponents will be very, very similar to your skill level.
    –> Other players may have a platinum, gold or diamond border but all of them could be of similar skill as you don’t get demoted (leagues) and because of that promotions also take time. After your game ends, there will be a victory/loss screen with information about both player’s mmr and mmr change.

TL;DR: Only care about mmr and not so much about borders. Especially in diamond, the difference in skill level is huge (even more so in GM).
Just play more and feel free to post replays (via links to your uploaded replay on if you want feedback / help.