Game time restriction should be applied

Some people are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…
and how is it fair that people with real life, real jobs, career has to play vs them?
This is seriously unfair. Maybe devs should introduce game time restriction that an account can’t stay online in sc2 for more than 4 hours a day… thoughts?

You Asked this 1.5 years ago and it didnt end so Well.

No it should Not be restricted. Also the ranked Mode Matches people by mmr. So If you dont Play 24/7 you Most likely wont be as good meaning you have a Rank way below Them so dont Play vs Them.

If they Play 24/7 and arent smurfs and are as good as you then there is no Problem playing vs Them because they arent better than you.

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Well i haven’t played sc2 in an year and yesterday i gave it a try. And it blows my mind that i run into these same people over and over that i met years ago. 24/7 same name, same portrait, same mmr. I honestly don’t get what these people do for their livings. Maybe they get paid from social welfares? So shouldn’t we have game time restriction so that our taxes don’t get used by these people who just get payed by the government to play the game, and help them get some real life?

lmao, you played 1 game this season and say you ran into the same people from over a year ago. Some one is definitely full of bologna here.

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