Future Small Updates for Co-op Missions?

Will there be future updates for Co-op Missions? Mainly smaller changes and updates to rebalance some of the commanders (mainly buff some of the less useful prestiges), as well as bug fixes.

Some commanders/prestige changes I’m hoping for:
Abathur’s The Limitless:
Advantage: The number of Ultimate Evolutions is no longer limited to 3.
Disadvantage: Ultimate Evolution requires 200 biomass (except for the first Brutalisk, which can be manually activated at 100 biomass). Biomass is less powerful.

Swann’s Grease Monkey:
Advantage: Turret Upgrades are 100% more effective. Units take 10% less damage when near yours or your allies’ defensive structures.
Disadvantage: Combat units cost 50% more vespene gas.

Tychus’s Lone Wolf:
Advantage: When beyond the vision range of all other Outlaws, outlaws deal 30% more damage for each Outlaw recruited and take 50% less damage. Auto guns no longer burn down at low hp.
Disadvantage: Ultimate gear is unavailable. Gear cost 25% more.

Artanis’ Valorous Inspirator:
Advantage: Increases the effectiveness of all active combat unit abilities by 100%. Dragoons’ singularity charge upgrade gives them an additional 1 range against air.
Disadvantage: Combat units cost 30% more.

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Abathur: no love for those going full air? At least make it “first Ultimate Evolution”).

Swann: Funnier: give SCV Immortality Protocol. Doesn’t give magic powers that don’t fit Swann and instead re-use an existing mechanic belonging to him. May work differently from normal protocol (more like sentinels self-rebuild).

Tychus: nope, I think you’re supposed to leave an Outlaw home, or rely on medivacs, auto guns buff don’t seem to have a place here.

Artanis: while it would be interesting dragoons get a buff (either on shield regen or range), an alternative would be to change the disadvantage to “Affected combat units cost 30% more.” to just not have unfair penalties.

Almost certainly they won’t but my preferences would be

Abathur P3
++: UE are not capped at 3, UE can gather+benefit from biomass
—: Biomass is less effective, UE have -60% hp and -30% attack speed, symbiote abilities are proportional to biomass of the UE

(so 200 to get a fully operational UE, but 100 to get a nerfed UE)

++:Strike Fighters not capped, Strike Fighters do 100 damage to air units
—: Strike Fighters cost double minerals and gas

Swann P2
++:+200% building upgrades (including hp/sec auto repair)
—:No Vespene Drones, +100% unit gas costs

Vorazun P2: Deals less damage, but can stack and can kill.

HH P3 - (+) no cap on SFP
cd reduced from 60s to 30s
cd to rebuild strike fighter reduced from 120s to 60s
(-) SFP cost 100% more

Abby P3 - (+) No limit on UE
(-) UE require 150 bm
bm is only 2/3 as effective

Stukov P2 - (+) Banshees can pick up Infested walkers
Banshees cost 1 less supply
Banshees bt reduced by 40%
Banshees can evolve the Deep Tunnel ability
(-) [same]

I would be more about an ability that allow the banshees to get out of the map like Raynor calldown at the end of their time (including the way they would keep attacking while leaving), then arriving on the target location with a sac (zerg equivalent to terran drop pod).
The sac could do damage on impact, and maybe the banshee should lose the burrow ability in exchange (and “rapid hybernation” would affect the banshee while in the sac maybe?).