Free for all - cant play with 3 people

Hi guys, got quick question. Ive tried to play free for all with my 2 mates but we cant any sugestions why? Is there any map that we can launch with 3 people.


all maps on 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4 are for one side against the other. you will need to go into custom games and have fun trying and playing them to actually find a free for all map, now go enjoy the search.

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Custom > Melee

There are 3 three-player maps. Catallena LE, Elysium, and Merry Go Round. Select one and create lobby. On the right under settings, set Mode to FFA.

gl hf

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FFA was my main play style when it was a option.I loved the chaotic style of 3 other people attacking you at anytime on the huge maps. I stopped playing Sc2 for 5 years & was shocked to see they got rid of FFA completely when I got back into Sc2. It use to be just as easy to get a game as 1vs 2vs etc. They had FFA as a main option to play & now it’s completely gone accept to make a custom game & serch the custom game section for people, which isn’t near as fun… So sad :frowning: