Fix the US authentication server problem

Regarding my ticket US81746130: I got an updated that said “I’ve just heard back about your issue and it should be resolved by now. Could you please check if you can login now, and if not, please get back to us?”

The ticket was marked Resolved and archived a few months ago so I can’t add anything to it.

The issue is still continuing with my account lagging at “Connecting to Blizzard Services”. A lot of the time it gets through eventually although I often have to try logging in more than once. So it’s not resolved although I have more luck now than I did back in November.

Just a quick note:

This thread isn’t about the recent connection issues that returing players (who had taken an extended break) were seeing over the last 6 days.

This thread is about a different, longer standing problem.

What he is talking about is a different one.
It is different from the issue that happened 5 days ago.
We still have the lagging in the authentication process.
About 4~5 attempts are needed to sucessfully login.
technical team also need to resolve this.

You’re probably right about the message being in reference to the “outage” errors. Blizzard support has been getting the authentication issue confused with other outages since people first started reporting it. I’m hoping that the details on my ticket haven’t been overlooked. If I post in the thread for the other error I don’t think it’s going to get me very far with being stuck on “Connecting to Blizzard Services”. Once things have quieted down regarding the more recent account-specific problems I might just submit a new ticket.

Anyway, I appreciate the legwork you’ve been doing on the forums. Keep it up.

That’s actually a good point. Maybe mixing the issues isn’t the best idea. I’ll edit or maybe even delete my reply above if I can’t make it applicable in this thread.

Just pinging you say that I think you’re right. Because the issue is different, it’s probably best to not mix it into the other thread. I edited my initial reply above.

It’s nice that “submit a ticket” is the response.
but when I submitted a ticket, I was assigned Issue ID: #83083911, and the response:
“we have received quite a few reports of this happening at the moment and the team is investigating it currently. If you keep an eye on Technical Support - SC2 Forums there should be an updated posted there when the Starcraft II team have it fixed”

Nice helpful system to have a ticket route me to dig in the general Tech Support forum, and when I find a matching issue, the tech supports on the forum suggest I submit a ticket. I’m guessing that recursively iterating this problem won’t speed the solution. Too bad I can’t play this game I used to love.

Hey all,

The issue causing problems for specific accounts connecting to the US region has been resolved. If you were previously getting stuck at “Connecting to Blizzard Services” when logging in please try again and you should be able to play now.

Of course if the problem shows up again please submit a ticket and let us know. Thanks!