Fix MMR Ranges for Teams

The requirement for M1 is too high per the player base.

Once you get to 4400 MMR you either win 1 point of MMR or you lose 100.


this is about the only thing ill agree with you on, how ever, i will say this after ranting about 2v2 mmr bug we have our forum mod leviathian has said blizzard dont care about team game problems like mmr because its not game braking. He also said he is not a blizzard employee too even tho he has customer support written under his name on here. so take that with a grain of salt. but seeing as how they have yet to fix the mmr bug i doubt they will lower the mmr for m1. On a side note 2v2 has an entire mmr range that has no rank. 3880 to 4421 is inbetween diamond 1 and master 3. we have a complete deadzone there, youd think they would of fixed awhile ago but no, still havent fixed that yet either.

Yep. And the MMr placement for bronze is absurd. Itnliterally covers the entirety of bronze, silver, gold and plat 3. 2300-2750 ish.

2000-3076 to be exact, was 3096 last season

bro, half the things you say are completely noob and wrong.

we have problems, in the off chance that someone at the round table of morons at the development team are looking at the forums since microsoft bought blizzard is the one and only reason I even put anything on this cess pool of a forum.


and what in the world did i say here in the post that is noob and wrong. you care to explain that one.

Leviathan isn’t even a mod, just an MVP, so frankly he has very little if any sway over anything they say or do with regards to the forums.

I’m actually curious if he has any contact with Blizzard at all these days. I know he and TheSkunk did once upon a time, but I doubt they do now.

The people that the MVPs had contact with were fired in the big purge of all the consumer relations staff a few years back, unfortunately.

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