Fix in-game teamplayers and triggers in the editor

I’m trying to make 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 conditions.
I really tried everything.

I set a trigger “when a player left game = change variable (boolean) false to true”:
Also when Player 1 is in allies of 2 (and 2 is in allies of 1) and the other players have that boolean on TRUE. So you should win as team (victory screen for player 1 and 2) and defeat for the others.

Also tried making player 1 get in a variable called “PLayerGroup 01”, for player 2 a variable “PlayerGroup 02”, etc for the other players.
And in the editor I set in conditions "players on team 1 = Union of (Player Group 1)(PlayerGroup2). And the other conditions of the boolean for the other players when says “true”.

But nothing, it doesnt work.
I did something, I made the game tell you the name of the player like “(01) player name of player 1”
“(02) player name of player 2”, etc
What I saw in game is that if people join to your game, sc2 assign them a position (like player 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) But if you use the editor “game variants section” and set them a team (1, 2, 3, 4) The game gets crazy if you change them their positions. I Mean, in some games players told me, please pair me with that player because is my teammate, I did, but the game still thinking, example, a 4th player joined and is placed in slot 4, and i change him to slot 6 with his/her mate, game thinks he still being player 4 but in team 3 (where is the player assigned in slot 6). And it mess all.
Also to not deal with making all the work of creating groups for all or keep testing just used the condition initially said but none of them worked. Please, I blizzard team to fix this headache in the editor. Also the same problem I had to 1vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 conditions, so I had to lock players on team using the editor, but I cannot to the same for 2vs 2 vs 2 vs 2, the game simply dont recognize it and also would be harm if 2 players joins and get different teams and I couldnt change them to be pair. Please fix the team conditions because the editor doesnt recognize him and it simply doesnt work. Also the player assign in-game (when people joins a room). Please fix it, if a player change a slot it should change even its player number.

Co-op commanders mods add a dropdown menu to select the commander for each player.
Maybe there’s a way to add 1 that allow to choose its team, thus ignoring the game-bases teams and slots systems.
I don’t know if you can prevent a team of 1 or more than 2 that way, but maybe this idea can give you a clue for a way to get what you want.