Fenix Prestige Feedback and my dream changes

Fenix is my favorite commander. I like his gameplay mechanics and the lore behind the Purifiers. After playing around with his prestige talents on PTR I’ve found that they aren’t really something that I really want to grind for, unlike other talents such as Templar Apparent for Karax and Desolate Queen for Kerrigan.

Here are my thoughts about each of them:

I love the lore implications behind this name, and the fact that it fits Fenix’s personality really well, but gameplay wise this talent is too much of a downgrade, especially since you lose uptime on the Cybros Arbiter, which is crucial for Fenix.

Network Administrator:
Not a fan of this one, and the title doesn’t fit Fenix. The talent focuses on Tactical Data Web, which is an integral part of A.I. Champions. But I feel like there should be an entire Prestige talent focused on A.I. Champions, and not just TDW. The 50% nerf to your army units is hard to offset by simply making your Champions deal 2-4x damage with their abilities.

Unwavering Vindicator:
In my experience, this talent is the strongest of the 3, simply because it doesn’t contain any big nerfs. But, as I stated for the 2nd talent, this Prestige, which focuses on Avenging Protocol, should have been merged with Network Administrator to create a Prestige talent that combines everything that makes A.I. Champions great.

Now that I reviewed the 3 existing talents, here are the 3 Prestiges that I think would work really well with Fenix. Some of them contain changes that are maybe too big to implement, but they were really fun to come up with.

1: Akhundelar:
I liked the concept, so I kept it. Changes:

  • Cybros Arbiter works like normal Fenix. This allows you to keep Fenix’s mobility. You can click on the Cybros Arbiter button to store it away to regenerate energy. This also starts a 15s cooldown.
  • Both the Praetor Armor and the Solarite Dragoon are called down together with an escort of A.I. Champions and host shells. These A.I. Champions exist at the same time as your 6 original ones. Only Fenix is controllable, the others act like Zeratul legions. After all in the LotV cinematic Kaldalis wasn’t alone. He had a group of badass with him.
  • (Big change) These A.I. Champions have completely different unit types taken from Purifier lore: Sentinel, Instigator, Mirage, Tempest, Resistor, Bomber, etc.

2: (Big change) Cyber Warrior
Title is a mix between Fenix’s Cyber Operative in sc2 editor, and his title as warrior, could also call it Elite Warrior or something
This is my idea of an A.I. Champion Prestige.

  • Combat units are limited to Conservator, Disruptor and Observer
  • Supply capped at 100
  • A.I. Champions cost more to research, and they use 2x the supply
  • Tactical Data Web is maximized, and Avenging Protocol on-death effect affects all A.I. Champions as well as Fenix.
  • Fenix and A.I. Champions gain increased damage and ability effectiveness (beyond TDW’s maximized effect)
  • The Purifier Conclave building not only researches champions, but also builds host shells for champions. It works like Nova buildings or Horner starport, and gathers charges for each champion. You can buy a charge to warp a host shell into any visible power field. In practice this means instant A.I. Champion revival in the middle of battle, as long as you have a charge and a power field.
  • Cannot warp in a host shell if the associated A.I. Champion is still alive.
  • (Big big change) Add more unit types for A.I. Champions, and allow up to 6.
  • This whole Prestige is like a Tychus wannabe

3: Legion Commander
This one focuses on Fenix’s army

  • Only the Cybros Arbiter Suit is available. Works like with Akhundelar.
  • A.I. Champions are disabled.
  • Avenging Protocol is weaker and shorter, but affects ALL army units at the same time.
  • Tactical Data Web instead provides Weapon, Shield, and Armor upgrades as your supply count increases. Example: 50 supply = +1/+1/+1, 75 = +2, 100 = +3, 125 = +4, 150 = +5
  • Maybe also give Fenix Warp Harmonization (saw this suggestion in another thread).

And that’s that. I hope atleast someone will read through my entire post. While my suggestions are pretty unrealistic, I’d like Fenix’s Prestige talents to get some adjustments. Fenix is the best commander ever.

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You suggest a lot of massive changes that would be more akin to a rework than prestige options.

The purpose of the prestige options is to change how each commander is played. If it achieves that, even if the commander becomes noticeably weaker, then the purpose is met.

That said, I do agree that Fenix’s prestige options need more fine tuning before making it to live.


Prestige 2 Network Administrator should have uncapped supply for the boost, it still seems to be limited by the 20 supply rule. Then we’d be able to make single-type armies, meaning all-Carrier or all-Scout, or even all-Adept becomes much more fun.

Disruptors for all Fenix types should gain auto-cast.