Fenix' Disruptors... add AA to their attacks?

Another Disruptor discussion and how to get us to use them more. Colossi seem to steal the spotlight since they don’t require micro to use their splash damage ability, and having a champion version of that (Warbringer) is just huge.

It seems too impractical to work in a champion version of them.

For Disruptors, I don’t think it’d be OP if their Purification Nova at least could also hit air, but wondering if I’m missing anything there.

I always treated Fenix’s Disruptors as a niche/meme thing. Similarly to Zagara’s Spore Cannons and Swann’s Cyclones.

Why are they here? They’re good if you know you can lock several of them on the same target (it just won’t do it automatically), to melt much quicker big hp targets.

But agreeing on spore canons and fenix disruptors lol

I’d be all for it myself, Fenix has a bit of an issue on the anti-air front (at least compared to his ground abilities). Might be a bit hard to aim it, though, since air likes to drift a lot.

Treat it as Zeratul’s disruptors a.k.a make purfication nova an attack and not an ability cast also replace its cloak upgrade with something else more useful.