Fenix 3rd Prestige --- Unwavering Vindicator replacement with or-scenario improvement suggestions


I suggest replacing Unwavering Vindicator with this prestige. If replacement will surely not be happening, plz ignore the section and jump to the Suggestion section instead.

Guardian Protocol Engaged

Advantage: Avenging Protocol now changed to Guardian Protocol and is permanent. Increase the radius of the Conservator’s Protective Field. Immortal gains Guardian Shieldings which can absorb in-front hit-scan attacks for a short time. Cybros Arbiter’s Cloaking Field also functions as Protective Field. Upon an allied combat unit is destroyed, gain an additional 5% stats of GP, to a maximum of 200%.

Disadvantage: A.I. Champions total hp and shields reduced by 75%. Conservator loses Protective Field ability. All combat units receive additional damage when not remain inside the Protective Field. Guardian Protocol will be removed for 20 seconds when a Fenix combat unit is destroyed.


  1. This prestige reverses the core concept of Fenix’s Avenging Protocol. Which creates something new.

Suggestion to current “Unwavering Vindicator” prestige :

  • The new A.I. Champions MUST remain in the set control group otherwise this prestige will be tedious to play.

  • As the cost reduction already states: A.I. Champions with this prestige are set to die a lot. So it shouldn’t be too ridiculous to let your Warbringer and Clolarion just go to cyber hell. While the cost reduction does make that possible to happen than Purifier Executor does. But the production timing also makes it a bit less possible. I must state that I’m not sure with the tech-skip and cheap structure cost about Fenix, but it might be a way to tweak this prestige IMO.

  • Do something to make self-a-moving not a thing even in the case of “high skill level of playing”. Imagine what will Fenix think when it comes to “I order my forces to delete Kaldalis so that the next Kaldalis can delete the enemy.” and all Protoss who knows him just go “dafuq”.

If you want to argue we never promote self-a-moving-units with this prestige, look at the core nature of Avenging Protocol: Random Respawn, not to mention what has been done with 2-range Talis in the flood of Adepts, and again— Just-disappeared control groups. How am I supposed to divide my A.i.s with 2 tiny hit-boxes and keep myself sane???

Several comments on your suggestions.

  1. Your worries are unnecessary. In the current game version, if the A.I. Champions die, the new A.I. Champions will remain in group.
  2. I really agree with you. The production timing greatly limits the effect of unwavering vindicator. So I suggest giving Fenix Warp Harmonizaiton when choosing unwavering vindicator.
  3. Emmmm. What you said may indeed happen. But in the current design direction of third prestige, I think it’s difficult to avoid the players to kill A.I. Champions themselves.

My Talis didn’t.


If the personality is transferred, the group remains. But if the personality dies without standby units, the personality will be removed from the group.

Based on I already know what you said.

So I guess that’s a bug.

After a few hours of gameplay one of my suggestion remains:

Period, and PLZ.

Suggestion to this problem:

  • Perhaps try to let Avenging Protocol trigger on production only, allow it to stay for the same duration as current, and then it will jump to another unit that’s available. And AP can only be triggered once per unit. If all have been triggered their AP, the player needs to make a new unit.

With that, the goal and the skill requirement stay the sameConstant production and macro requirements with A.I. control group splitting.

If worry for the power level with Production AP, I suggest devs nerf that AP buff when triggered from production but allow players to gain full AP back with the “high skill level of playing” by sending units to oblivion.

Actually the skill level of this prestige might rise even further than before and match with the 1st one. Since only A.I. Champions will refund their cost.