Fenix 1st Prestige --- Akhundelar improvement suggestion

This prestige is great in many ways and it only needs a little tinkering before live.

Commander: Fenix

Prestige : Akhundelar

Suggestion: All three units should have separate timers since they work vastly different than others. Also:

  • Predator armor should have the medium duration.

  • Shield Capacitor should have the same power as its origin in the LoTV campaign (fast cooldown with no energy cost).

  • Solarite Dragoon can have the minimum duration due to its role.

  • As the Dragoon suit now has a timer. I suggest letting Arsenal Overcharge provide buffs especially attack range and attack speed increase to Fenix.

  • Cybros Arbiter must have the maximum duration due to its role. If not agree with this statement, it should at least have new sets of abilities or some additions.

  • Increased duration and radius for Stasis Field is highly recommended.

  • Cloaking Field needs to provide some additional buffs (possibly with the one recently appear all over the place — super cloak) as the suit now has a timer.

  • Remain skeptical on does Recall need tweaking.


  1. it is a melee unit and even with 0.5 human reaction time we still need to press its abilities.

  2. This suggestion is due to the concern of the unit has a timer and to increase the said suit’s effectiveness in late-game scenarios.

  3. Players can utilize their with-timer Solarite Dragoon in more situations instead of just in vaporizing attack waves.

  4. Ask yourself deeply does a 20 seconds available Arbiter useful or not.

  5. The Arbiter suit HAS A TIMER.

Changing the duration does not solve the problem, because you can‘t switch the suits.
My suggestions:
Praetor: longer duration (30 s) and medium CD (60 s).
Dragoon: 20 s duration and 120 s CD are suitable.
Arbiter: 20 s duration and mininum CD. I think it is appropriate to reduce the CD to 40 s or 30 s

You do realize mathematically speaking we are suggesting the same thing right?

I suggest they change the duration but not the cd due to if tweak properly it won’t lead to power creep like reducing cd does.

Btw I think restricting players on changing suits is the main point of the 1st prestige.

If increasing the duration while restricting changing suits, the offline recovery will be restricted. For instance, if all suits have 120 s CD and Arbiter’s duration is 60 s. After the players exhaust all energy of Arbiter, they can’t change suit to recover the energy of Arbiter because the use of other two suits is very precious. After the 60 s duration is over, only 60 s of offline time are left to recover energy, life and sheild. It’s not enough.

In conclusion, they also need to change the energy regen rate of each suit.

But my point still stands.

Change the duration of the suits, you get powered Fenix with the prestige.

Change the cd of the suits, might as well go back to PE or 2nd and 3rd prestige.