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Rem’s Mod (Actual Mod’s Name)

An extension mod, which can be combined to any melee maps. The first player may select among many options in the lobby, such as fog of war, resources, supplies, game mods and more. The main feature, the “Super Tech Trees” is a my featured creation in which you get to choose powerful upgrades. Each selection will increase the global price of all upgrades. Periodically, the cost of the next upgrade will be decreased.

Gameplay option:

  • What if your units could level up upon killing enemy units? What if you had the chance to pick up items for enhancing your units? Discover such features in the gameplay option.

Cosmic Events:
Wanna bring big bad weather to your map? It will, but you never know where or when.

Melee Maps:

  1. It is somewhat conceived for old school players who enjoy melee maps, but with additional features. I’ve put a lot into it.
  2. It is absolutely not an arcade mod. Although they are popular, I do not like creating those types of contents.
  3. It is made with content that is unlike anything from Campaign, Mutators or Coop. The content I created is unique. Some features may have been taken back, I can’t deny it, but I tried as much as possible to avoid them.

Addictive Gaming:

  1. Gambling your every game; Each game has to be different in choices, in luck, in outcome. I may not always succeed at creating such circumstances, but I’m trying as hard as I can!
  2. The heart of my mod is the “Super Tech Trees” feature. I left it as an option to be turned off/on in case you would like the rest of my mod, except it.
  3. This mod is essentially fun if you are to play lonely against computers.

This mod is still evolving:

  • While this mod is considered as “Finished”, it is not entirely true in regard of what I’m up to. Reviewers asked me for more and I shall deliver.


  1. I am a noob a who knows little about sc2 pvp (or barely). My mod is probably unbalanced, unfair, fun, OP, UP. I’ll balance whatever I can based on your reviews, but be advised, if it gets too popular and I get an astonishing amount of reviews, I might become selective on suggestions :wink:.
  2. I’ve been suggested to make factions, tribes, etc. As I find this concept interesting, the skins I used in my mod didn’t have that purpose. They were used to create uniquely different units with different abilities, related to their unique animations. Since my mod offers much converging opportunities between technologies, I did not want to conflict them and also, it felt too boring to just make different factions and clans based on very small disctinctives stats.
  3. I do not get into making additional races. I know some modders made it, and I might just leave that expertise to them, as they have far greater projects than I do for that concern. I also believe that there is much to improve, give or create with the existing races, which Blizzard really made well for start.
  4. I know people complain a lot of balancing on general forums, but I’m not here to substitute whatever is to be modified about the default game units. Don’t fret, I’ve still managed to add interesting counters to the most hated combos such as carrier armies!
  5. I am alone on this project. Please understand that in accordance with my personal life, my real life job (which is not this project), my child and everything, I can’t promise rapid feedbacks, updates, content and conception. Things are simply going faster lately because I deceided to make it public.
  6. I know that some modders have amazing UI / Menu boards / Buttons for their mods. To the best of my knowledge, I hope mine still satisfy your gameplay, as I might just not be able to compete with their skills. However, as for everything that I know today, I learn everyday and hope to reach out for more.

About me:
This is one of the first projects on which I’ve been working on for the past years. I started using the editor in 2017, knowing nothing and gradually learning until I was able to conduct this great achivement. When this mod was released publicly, reviews were mostly positive, which boosted my motivation to do more. I do believe that people playing this game hope for someone in charge to keep them entertained, updated and have this game alive for as long as the fun takes on, which is what I aspire to be.

For those who don’t know me, I am Wonder_Rem, member of the sc2 mapster community, a data veteran. I am the largest sc2mapster wiki contributor, who gave it most of its actual data content. I teach and train people with the data editor. However, it comes with no surprises that I’m less potent with UI/Triggers, as I’ve spent most of my years mastering data.

Currently (last updated january 22 2023):

  • Adding a lot of Zerg units. This will take some weeks.

I’m going to give you a piece of advice. When writing an essay, start off with a headline. What does the mod actually do??

I may try it later, if I can remember the name; but at this point I have NO reason to because I have ZERO information. Except that there is a new mod for melee that supposedly does something with techtrees I’m guessing?

Acknowledged, I fixed my intro.

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