Fave ways to deal with cloaked/burrowed units w/o Detector?

Ofc., having Detectors and Detection in the first place should’ve been the case. However, it doesn’t always work that way. We get lost in BO (build orders)*, macro, micro, and “preventing/putting out fires”. For some COs, prestiges, and their masteries. So anything that has the “Detector” keyword when you click on a unit (e.g. Observer, using Stukov’s Queen’s Ocular Symbiote ability on a unit) or structure (e.g. Missile Turret or Cannon) is off limits.

Karax - Orbital Strike. If you can make out the distortion of cloaked units, just fire upon that. For burrowed units, you can see where Locusts spawn from SH, spines shoot out from Lurkers, and projectiles come from from WM (Widow Mines). For other things like Banalings or Spider Mines, you would need to waste some shots. FWIW, if you have the Phase Detonation upgrade, you’ll see the “swirly effects” when you do connect hits.

Solar Lance… this is overkill for stray units (since it’s meant for waves or base defenses), but it does offer more margins of error (esp. when taking out a nuking Ghost).

Purifier Beam… even more overkill. Only use this if they’re part of a base or wave.

Zeratul - Have Zeratul use his Cleave ability

Vorazun - Time Stop. It’d be overkill just for that, but I usually want to use it anyways.

Tychus - Shredder Grenade. It may take several shots, but works in a pinch.

Mengsk - ESO

Zagara - manually explode Banalings or Scourge where you suspect cloaked/burr units are. If you have Zagara herself, her Banaling Barrage!

Abathur - Ravagers. Bile Bomb the areas in question!

Stetmann - Have Gary E-Gorb the areas


*. Had a game on L&L as Nova. We take on the left lock, I send Nova in, but we’re still not able to take on the SH and Lurkers. “The one time” I forgot to queue her Ghost Visor upgrade! My ally noticed and slapped a Chrono Boost on my Ghost Academy 8)

Impractical. It takes time to hit the target due to low precision. It also requires having an ESO in the proximity. And it won’t be even able to hit air target directly anyway.
What I use as Mengsk P3 is Troopers. When I encounter cloaked enemy unit, I order Troopers to either rapidly build a Missile Turret nearby, or just arm themselves and move directly onto the enemy, for mutually assured destruction. Much easier and quicker to execute.

Needless to say, Vanadium Shell perk (+50 grenade damage) is a must to buy. For Tychus P2 this is enough to kill every cloaked enemy even with a single grenade.

Nova – EMP, Griffin Airstrike
Mengsk – EMP, Nerve Gas, Baneling Troopers, Tactical Nukes

“Explodey” works in a pinch for P3, evne though you generally want to preserve them as much as possible. Missile Turrets have the “Detector” attribute, which this off limits for the scope of this thread.

A bit of a hot take but my favorite method is building detectors straight away.

Stukov P3, ignore, keep building bunkers, plenty of cloaked will run out of energy, burrows may unburrow for a second and accumulate damage if they are not at their target yet

a silly option is to bring the apoc, it can patrol until a detector is ready
likewise the alexander, may even get to steal a nearby detector for a few seconds or just drop onto the enemy after it is done
if you need more time use the infestation

you can also run around with the vrooms slime, although may take some hard hits, especially if widows

Why do that when you can simply wait for your ally to build them? /s

As Raynor, I’ve had allies that don’t build a single detector against Minesweeper. Fun times.