Fandom starcraft balance team

seeing as blizzard sold off to Microsoft ,

and not saying Microsoft is doing a bad job i actually like there balance attempts so far . the game is really looking great agen .

but i got all thease ideas in my head , they may not all be that great , but in my head i think so .

basicly i dont think im the only person with this kind of ideas , and id like to get a team to geahter and make a Fandom version of starcraft 2 units and blances then have some one who is REALY good with SC2 edit , do all these said changes .

in theroy the team would be best blanced with some the fallowing :

a person with a vission for the zerg race
one for protoss one for terran .

then a person with SICK starcraft edit skills

hand full of dedicated testers who will do all they can to expose overpowered and unbalanced units or mechanics .

a person for YouTube marketing

then a person who will get a hold of some the elite players.

… and i think that is all we would need .

as a small team we could easily costume make the game , much faster than the officals , as that , we dont have the pressure they do to changing things . and then release its dreaminess to LowKow with some large names playing it . if the crowd diggs it , i think the official balance team will take said modifications in to consideration .

but id need said team .

There is balance team problem is that they all playing tournaments and I think get these dumb nerfs

Nerfing queens instead of focusing on a counter called feed back.

Nerfing infestor visibility. Nerfing banking’s note Zerg side Serra who is agreeing with can compete without but basic ladder being crushed.

Stryker , you are actually one of the people id prefer to help me with this project .

i dont always like your balance ideas , but your flexible in your thinking , you have good understanding of the game and have a passion about the game balance , after that , its realy just math .

I would like to do it