Fan-made achievements to try

Seeing a topic on how the new achievements were too easy, and having replayed the campaigns many times, I thought I’d offer my own stab at creating some achievements that some may find more challenging.

I’ve not done ALL of them myself, but done many of them, and the ones I haven’t I am confident they are doable. All of these are to be done on Hard.

Wings of Liberty

  • Raiders Roll - Complete “Liberation Day” without losing a unit.
  • Suck It Up - Complete “The Outlaws” without training additional Medics.
  • No Man Left Behind - Complete “Zero Hour” without losing a unit (structures are allowed)
  • The Bodyguard - Complete “The Evacuation” without losing any Colonist Marines.
  • Delicate Matters - Complete “Outbreak” without building Reapers, Siege Tanks, or Starport units.
  • Transformation Systems Offline - Complete “Safe Haven” without landing any Vikings.
  • Purified - Complete “Haven’s Fall” without allowing the Zerg to begin infesting additional colonies.
  • Stay Focused - Complete “The Devil’s Playground” without building any additional units.
  • Hat Trick - Successfully harvest from three geysers within a minute of each other in “Welcome to the Jungle”.
  • I Don’t Wanna Set The World on Fire - Complete “Breakout” without using Nukes.
  • Incorporeal - Complete “Ghost of a Chance” without Nova taking damage.
  • Venomous - Destroy all trains in “The Great Train Robbery” using only Diamondbacks.
  • Scrappy - Complete “Cutthroat” by hiring Mira Han without mining minerals with SCVs or Mules.
  • Fimbulwinter - Destroy the fifth enemy base before the Odin arrives in “Engine of Destruction” (when Tychus moves toward the fifth base is the cut-off point).
  • Must-See TV - Upload from all three broadcast towers within a minute of each other in “Media Blitz”.
  • Keep Away - Complete “Piercing the Shroud” without a unit taking damage from the Hybrid.
  • We Happy Few - Rescue all Stalkers in “Whispers of Doom”.
  • Merciful Savior - Complete “A Sinister Turn” without destroying any enemy structures.
  • I Work Alone - Complete “Echoes of the Future” without building any units except Probes.
  • The Final Stand - Have the five hero units be the last non-Probe units left standing in “In Utter Darkness”.
  • Hands Off - Complete “Smash and Grab” without destroying any Protoss structures.
  • No Survivors - Destroy all enemies structures in “The Dig”.
  • Hired Guns - Complete “The Moebius Factor” without training any units except mercenaries and SCVs.
  • Aerophobia - Do not lift off any base structures in “Supernova”.
  • The Darkness Writhes - Kill 50 enemy units or structures with Dark Templar in “Maw of the Void”.
  • Card to Play - Destroy the three Nydus Worms with only Banshees (including mercs) in “Gates of Hell”.
  • Don’t Tell Me How To Play! - Complete “Shatter the Sky” without building any Starport units or their mercenary equivalents.
  • Father To His Men - Complete “Belly of the Beast” without losing a unit.
  • Hole Card - Complete “All In” without activating the artifact.

Heart of the Swarm

  • A Little Goes A Long Way - Complete “Lab Rat” without mutating additional Overlords after the first.
  • Healing Factor - Complete “Back in the Saddle” without using a healing station.
  • The Zerg Who Say Min - Complete “Rendevouz” without building an Extractor.
  • A Point To Prove - Do not train any additional units except Drones in “Domination”.
  • 7-0 Spread - Complete “Fire in the Sky” within 14 minutes.
  • Fast Expander - Claim both expansions within 8 minutes in “Old Soldiers” (this means Hatcheries finish mutating and are as close to the mineral lines as possible).
  • Not All Bad - Complete “Harvest of Screams” without destroying any Protoss structures other than the psi-link spires.
  • Not Even Close - Complete “Shoot the Messenger” without letting a Shuttle get close enough to a warp conduit to begin warping.
  • Watching Your Weight - Complete “Enemy Within” without consuming more than 100 biomass.
  • Quick Attack - Kill Brakk within 30 seconds of his spawning in “Waking the Ancient”.
  • Feet on the Ground - Complete “The Crucible” without mutating a Spire.
  • Essence Flows - Complete “Supreme” without losing a unit outside of pack leader fights.
  • Not My Job - Complete “Infested” without building any units except for Drones and Overlords.
  • Turned Against Their Masters - Get the Dominion units to kill a Hybrid in “Hand of Darkness”.
  • Unbroken Focus - Complete “Phantoms of the Void” without using Stukov’s abilities or letting him take damage while he is channeling at a temple.
  • Proud Engineer - Complete “With Friends Like These…” without picking up a repair bot.
  • A Personal Matter - Do not use any units except Kerrigan in “Conviction” (units spawned by Kerrigan’s abilities, including the infested, are fine. When Kerrigan breaks down the sealed door, that sequence is exempt. When Nydus Worms spawn Zerg units in the middle of a battle, you may use those units for that battle only).
  • Knock Knock - Destroy all three Augustgrad gates within 12 minutes in “Planetfall”.
  • Primal Endurance - Complete “Death From Above” without losing a unit or structure to the psi destroyer field.
  • We Do This Together - Do not deal damage to Mengsk’s Palace in “The Reckoning” (you must allowed allied forces to destroy it).

Legacy of the Void

  • Transporter Error - Do not allow any enemy units to finish warping in in “Dark Whispers”.
  • Tranquil Fury - Destroy all enemy units and structures in “Ghosts in the Fog”.
  • Shadow’s Flight - Do not lose a unit in “Evil Awoken” (the scripted unit deaths in the cutscenes are allowed).
  • Wrath of the Templar - Do not use Colossi in “For Aiur!”
  • Trust No-one - Do not build any Zealots in “The Growing Shadow”.
  • The Best Defense - Do not build any Photon Cannons or Shield Batteries in “The Spear of Adun”.
  • The Shadow Guard Waits - Do not build any combat units except Dark Templar in “Amon’s Reach”.
  • Better Late Than Never - Destroy the three Zenith Stones after reaching 1 billion Zerg in “Last Stand”.
  • Scourge of Amon - Destroy all enemy units and structures in “Sky Shield”.
  • Get Behind Me - Do not allow an ally to lose a unit during a disruption in “Brothers in Arms”.
  • The Culling - Kill 10 enemy units with the Displacement Beam in “Forbidden Weapon”.
  • What Goes Up - Destroy 25 enemy units while they are levitated by a Phoenix in “Temple of Unification”.
  • It Grows Back - Complete “The Infinite Cycle” without using Artanis’ Astral Wind or Resurgance abilities.
  • Back To The Void - Destroy all enemy structures in “Harbinger of Oblivion”.
  • Vengeance For The Betrayed - Complete “Steps of the Rite” without training any non-Tal’darim units.
  • Stone Walling - Do not allow Alarak to be pushed back in “Rak’Shir”.
  • Got A Beef With Me? - Destroy the three power cores with the Tauren Marine in “Templar’s Charge”.
  • Watch The Paint Job - Complete “Unsealing the Past” without the Megalith taking damage.
  • Long Boot-Up - Destroy four Hatcheries, Lairs, and/or Hives before awakening the Purifiers in “Purification”.
  • Waste Not - Complete the Karax and Fenix portion of “Templar’s Return” without building any units.
  • For The Daelaam - Allow an allied force to destroy one of the Void Shards in “The Host”.
  • We Stand As One - Complete “Salvation” with Alarak, Vorazun, and Karax still alive.
  • Passive-Aggressive - Destroy all Void Thrashers within a minute of their spawning in “Into The Void” (the first Thrasher is exempt).
  • I Miss My Laser Drill - Complete “The Essence of Eternity” without using Kerrigan after the opening sequence.
  • You Have No Place To Hide - Complete “Amon’s Fall” without letting more than two Void Crystals escape.

Covert Ops

  • Safe Driver - Complete the second part of “The Escape” without colliding with a civilian vehicle.
  • Psychos For Hire - Complete “Sudden Strike” without building any combat units except Reapers.
  • Stranded - Kill a Hercules in “Enemy Intelligence”.
  • Wailing Death - Destroy all Tal’darim Nexuses using only Banshees in “Trouble in Paradise”
  • Challenge Accepted - Do not lose a unit to the Tal’darim in “Night Terrors”.
  • Be Vewy Vewy Qwiet - Complete “Flashpoint” without destroying any enemy structures.
  • Stealth Mode Engaged - Complete “In The Enemy’s Shadow” without killing an enemy or taking damage (the boss fight is exempt from both. Provoking enemy units into killing a Dominated unit is permitted, but the Dominated unit cannot kill anything).
  • Defender of Men - Complete “Dark Skies” without losing any structures, including allied structures.
  • Elite Operative - Do not allow Nova to die in “End Game”.

WHAT. How…? How does this work?

Great list, man. Good job!

Don’t have a cow, man, just moove out and unleash udder chaos.

… No but really, tho

Really what? Destroy the three Power Cores with the Tauren Marine. They all have ground routes to them, so it’s plausible, just have to clear the path.

Oh, come on, don’t be coy; you surely know why I’m confused.

Where is the Tauren Marine in that mission, and how do you get it to destroy the power cores? I’ve never found or been aware of that Easter Egg. I know the Tauren marine is in Wings of Liberty but I had no idea it can even make an appearance in “Templar’s Charge” in Legacy of the Void.

Spill your secrets! Let’s have it! How do you get the Tauren marine in that mission?

No, I didn’t know why you’re confused, that easter egg was infamous I thought and it’s been five years.

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Thanks! Just as you posted that video, I had actually googled it myself. That’s so hilarious!

No, I’m super out of the loop. I had no idea the Tauren marine was in there. That’s crazy and amusing. Thanks for showing me.

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Now go destroy some power cores with him :wink:

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I got one for HOTS:
For the whole campaign, use only the units that are used in multiplayer or SC1 brood war. For some evolution missions such as the roach/baneling missions, if you do them, you won’t be able to use any of its strains. You might have to do this just so you can get some of the other strains which are used in multiplayer or SC1 brood war. For mutations, you can only use the ones which are similar to the multiplayer upgrades, e.g., metabolic boost for extra ling speed which is similar to the extra ling speed upgrade from multiplayer.