[Extension Mod] Versus Evolved

This is the official thread for the extension mod Versus Evolved, currently available in the Americas region. It is accessible under Custom -> Melee -> Create With Mod.

This mod introduces dozens of units, options, and upgrades from the Campaign and Co-op Missions into Versus mode. You can select up to 5 points worth of Augments from the starting menu. Everything has its price though– you must always give something up in exchange, and even the strongest of additions may introduce drawbacks. These Augments range from individual units, to gameplay-modifying mechanics, to powerful factions like the Black Ops Terrans, Tal’darim, and Purifiers. You can even call upon powerful heroes such as Kerrigan and Alarak, command the might of the Spear of Adun, or collect biomass as Zerg to evolve your most lowly units into towering monstrosities.

Everything has been altered to better suit Versus mode, in the aim of providing a balanced gameplay experience, so that all players are evenly matched no matter what options they pick.

Currently, this mod is by no means balanced at all. While I doubt Blizzard-level balance will ever be achieved, I am hoping to get it to a place where the gameplay is as fair as possible, and there are no options that are overly game-breaking or unfun to play against.

The lobby host can also enable Mutators, allowing each player to choose one Mutator that will affect gameplay. Unlike in Co-op, Mutators in Versus Evolved affect all players equally. An alternate mode is “Chaos Studios Mode”, which randomly cycles Mutators with 3 active at a time. Not all Mutators from Co-op are available, due to gameplay conflicts, but many of the classic Mutators have been implemented. It is possibly to play with Mutators without Augments, or both at the same time.

Another option available in the lobby is “Big Game Hunters Mode”, which implements the classic Blizzard extension mod, increasing the resource quantity of mineral fields and vespene geysers.

I have designated this the official thread for all balance-related feedback, bug reports, and suggestions. I am looking forward to hearing what people have to say.

Known Issues:
– [New] There is now a slight stutter during the camera zoom at the beginning of the match, a side-effect of the console colors fix. Currently not high-priority.
– Some unit models in the glossary appear ridiculously enlarged, to the point where only a part of the model is visible. Although they didn’t used to, the glossary camera values are now specified in a locked (unmodifiable) UI file – as I can add no data for those models, there is nothing I can do.
– The battle.net images have somehow been bugged – the color values for red and blue have been completely reversed, which makes the images look very strange. This is odd, as they look perfectly fine in the editor.

Resolved Issues:
– Fixed an issue where the Stargate and Carrier Purifier skins were not displaying correctly.
– Even though I have disabled all collection-chosen skins in the mod data, including console skins, console skins chosen in the collection are still overwriting the default consoles.
– Kerrigan’s Queen of Blades model is not displaying properly, and is replaced by a placeholder sphere. I will fix this issue with the next release.
– There is no direct way to select console skins with triggers like there is with unit skins. I have found a workaround, but unfortunately, the buttons are not changing in color to match the console.

Future releases will include:
– More factions.
– Additional heroes.
– Gameplay updates and balance reworks.
– Randomized options for the AI.

I have released a new update fixing the issue with the console colors. The update may also possibly have fixed serious game-breaking issues of an indeterminate nature.

In light of a recent review I received, if you in future experience any severe, game-breaking issues while trying to play this mod, please report the issues here and I will do my best to fix them.

The Nova Update

– Added Nova, a new Terran hero.
– Nova is recruited from the Command Center, Orbital Command, or Planetary Fortress for 450 minerals and 450 gas.
– Nova functions as she does in the Covert Ops campaign missions. Select her loadout from her Stasis Shell between respawns.

Balance Changes:
– Reduced the range on the Orbital Command’s Combat Drop ability from 50 to 30.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed an issue where matches would immediately end in a draw.
– Solved numerous dependency conflicts that resulted in recent balance changes not taking effect.
– Fixes several instances where AI-controlled units were not fleeing when damaged by certain Mutator hazards.
– Fixed an issue where collection-selected consoles were not being properly disabled.
– Resolved an issue where Kerrigan’s Queen of Blades model was not displaying correctly.

Very neat use of triggers, I wish I had your skills for making these Augment Pannels dialog items.

I am working on my own mod atm, which is huge, but I came by yours and couldn’t resist reviewing its nice conception, it’s really appealing, nice work man.