Expert Phase Smith, Perfect Templar: I am confounded

Alright I don’t understand. I didn’t use carriers. I didn’t use Solar Lance. I didn’t use Fenix. I didn’t use purifier beam. I didn’t lose a unit or a structure, I had everything in control groups so I could count them too. And I completed the mission twice in case I made a mistake I didn’t notice the first time. And nothing. No achievement. I honestly can’t figure what could be broken. Both runs were on current patch.

Did you count them after every battle and made sure that there wasn’t any losses? I hate these achievements because you have no idea when you lose a unit. But unfortunately, you just need to keep redoing until you get it. I’m not sure if the new patch broke this or not, but as per this thread it seems to be fine.

All the bugs have been fixed though, the only issues I had myself were from losing buildings or stray probes otherwise carriers and calldowns were enough.

Check that you don’t already have it. There’s been a bunch of reports of players trying over and over only to find they already have it.

Something else to consider is that cancelling a warping building counts as losing a structure.

Like HappySack said, the bugs have been fixed. In testing, I’ve been able to get the achievement normally many times.

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So I can finally try them :D’

Indeed! As far as I’ve been able to tell in the editor, they are all fixed.

Checked that, don’t have it.

I checked this as well. I’m thinking if I ever feel like bothering with another go I’ll try without guardian shell. Maybe it’s counting that throwing as a unit lost.

I assumed that’s what happened to me so I did it without guardian shell and got it.

I’ll give it a try on my test map tomorrow to see if Guardian Shell trips the fail condition.

If you want to try it in the meantime, here’s the test map:

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I gave it a try. I allowed Guardian Shield to go off 4 times on different units. At the end of the mission, I met the achievement criteria:

Whom ever let this buggy achievement out of blizzard needs to have his head checked.

The achievement clearly says without Losing any units. So why would a destroyed building fail you??
Buildings aren’t units…
Another 10th anniversary achievement state clearly about units and buildings (thanks for the advice, the way of the nerazine)

Rather than complaining about problems, why not figure a way around it instead. Games of the past didn’t have anything called ‘patch’ and we just had to work with what we had.