Error when publishing a custom map

Hey everyone,
I created a custom map and I keep getting this error every time I try to publish: “in order to access this content you must upgrade your copy of StarCraft 2”
I purchased StarCraft 2 a few years ago and all the expansions before it was free.
I was able to successfully upload once, but I’ve tried at least 100 more times with every possible setting combination. I get this error message once it gets to the actual upload process, it usually makes it to around 58% but sometimes even will hit 100% and will still error out.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

I don’t know what is problem there,i didn’t had that situation before.

Maybe you need to make sure you’re logged in before trying to upload?

U need log first to upload othersiwe u can’t upload+ u need choose the server u want to publish it.

Oh theres update for blizzard so maybe that’s a problem.

Yes I’m already logged in

btw where do u want to publish that map?

I’m logged in, I’ve selected the server, I’ve updated, none of these have helped my problem. Any one got anything else?

Welp i have no idea…