Every time it is necessary to minimize the game or even change the resolution the game closes and a screen appears informing the error BLZGFX0001. I can not configure the graphics of the game correctly because each time the game will change the settings the error appears. Nor can I use Alt + TAP to view another window without the game closing with this error.

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Hey GersonStaack,

I was having the same issue; I disable windows game bar and since then I haven’t had any issue with minimize or changing res. You can click Start->Settings->Gaming-> and just unmark the Record game clips, Screenshots…

Hope that it will work for u.

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Thanks for answering. I tried your tip and it didn’t work. The issue was resolved when I closed MSI Afterburnner and RIVA Turner.

Sorry for not replying before, I received no notification of a reply here and thought no one had answered.

All the best always.


thanks for this searched every where and here is the answer

Thank you very much! After disabling RTSS all works well.

Thank you so much. My problem was from cortex. After disabeling it the error disappears.

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i know this post is old but i came to it after having this issue and i think i know why.
I saw many posts about it being msi afterburner and when i had this issue i didn’t have msi afterburner so i was stumped and noticed ghost say that their problem was cortex and so i only disabled the fps overlay in cortex and the issue stopped.
It seems the problem that causes this issue is any fps overlay or it could just be any overlay.

I’m still having this issue and have none of the programs previously mentioned installed. I do have discord’s voice chat overlay on, could that be the issue? If anyone else has had this error, would love to hear your solution.

I have error BLZGFX0001 when try to change resolution from 1080p to 1440p(get new monitor), than i close MSI AB, error has gone, instead i have black screen, than i close discord, and now can play windowed fullscreen at 1440p 165Hz. If i change to not windowed fullscreen, my screen go black and i need to restart the sc2 and settings are applied.

i have the same issue too