Editor Scrunched!

So for the first time in a long time I opened my editor to start on a map for fun. Everything is messed up. It’s hard to explain exactly how it is messed up. I go to file, new, and all the options are stacked on top of each other. Like map type. Melee, this, that, bla bla. I can’t even read them because only a third of each option’s description is visible. Then the next option is covered up by the next option and the next option and so on. Like a stack of cards with each peeking out just a little from under the top of the next. Every menu, every option, every selection. If it has words to describe it it’s smashed like this. Even where you decide what unit you are placing. My immediate thought was that Blizzard just stopped caring about the editor and let it break and break until it looks like this. But that can’t be. No smart company would ever willingly let a product fail if people still used it. So maybe it is my new monitor causing it. Therefore I need to change resolution settings in the editor but I can’t find them anywhere? What is going on and how do I fix it.

I did find this video. This is my exact problem but the video didn’t help me at all. I do not have the same compatibility options in properties. I think it is because the guy in the video is on windows 10. I’m on windows 8 because my very expensive ASUS was purchased before windows 10 and it will not upgrade. And I’m not spending over $1000.00 to replace it. So is there a windows 8 version of this fix?

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there is something wrong with your specs. please post your dxdiag so that i can look at your specs in detail.