[EDITOR] Custom Tables

I am delighted with the changes in the StarCraft II editor version 5.00! Thank you very much! I really liked the Data Collection and liked the Easy Mode.
I would like to offer, in my humble opinion, a very successful update in the editor, which will help beginners to navigate. This idea is a small change in Easy Mode.
The idea is to create a Custom Table. The essence of it is to be able to add the data fields that the user wants. The user creates a new Custom Table. Inside, this tab is empty. It has options - select the desired tab.

For example, the user wants to have their own tab, which will be a template for creating a hero. It will contain only the fields that the user specifies and no more! The tab contains all the fields that are responsible for quickly creating a hero. That is, the Health, Armor, Movement Speed, and Movement Ability fields (from the Unit tab). Attaching the Model, Portrait and Unit to the hero’s Actor. Field of Model, Sound, Movers. This is very similar to Easy Mode, but only the user himself sets the fields that he wants to see in the tab.


So you know how to use Data Collection? I would love to talk it up with you, I will update the wiki if your information leads to successful testing. Because yet, on the sc2 mapster community, no one seems to know how to use them, not even me.