Dream of better world

I wish Terran scan didn’t detect stealth, this would make game changing and it force Terran build ravens.

This make burrow actually useful ability. This would strengthen Zerg were we can hide from stim marine

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Dream of better world depends on the individual view of the person because in my eyes this change would lead to another step of SC2 balance hell.

not about scan, but about Burrow I have also thought.

trailer or lore, Zerg is often shown with Burrow actions.

In arcad StarCraft Master is a lvl: ling vs marine. engange ling lose, burror trap ling win.

But in top play burrow fulfills a different kind of utility:

  • block/ scout enemy bases
  • Burrow bane
  • Specific units (lurker, infestor, roach mostly ZvZ)
  • Burrow units into enemy base to force detector. (after harass)
  • protect drones

but a burrow army is not seen.

however, it is up to zerg itself. By creep, enemy use detector. Zerg spreads out far, consequently many attack paths. hard to set a burrow trap with many units and zerg (early/mid) often doesn’t want to build units in advance.

Problem about burrow ambush most armies attacked move. So once clicked un burrow there is delay. That delay gets u killed.

I do not think so.
Because the burrow -delay is shorter than the distance to overcome.
Example: marine 5 range and can shatter step back. some lings die before they reach the marine. also is an advantage by attack logic next target is attacked first-> marine have a kind of auto focus fire.
but if you unburrow you are directly on the marine. and the damage is equally distributed on the lings.

personally i think that be an amazing idea , it wont take away from there abilities too much and make the innate zerg abilites use full agen .

but terrans be some cry bababies .

Yea but u think this should been addressed every race should main weakness.

Right now Terran doesn’t have one.

Zerg anti air
Toss has one I am sure of it
Terran should be stealth detection

i play zerg alot , and , i dont consider us to be weak anti air but we have weaker units , but that dose make sence . strong ground , but weak air , like we only have a few air units . i like there strengths , i dont think it be a sin to bring back the guardian and spawn him from the multalisk , it give you 2 options , 1 corruptors and broods , or guards and multailisk , and i dont think guards take away or add to the game strength too much , i mean there basicly weaker broods , the macro stratagem than the micro

terran , they have some awkward weakness in there unit play , but , they have so many units and so much tech , they could kind of seem to be able to do any thing . they are a glass cannon though , or thats what they say . i dont play terran that much im trying to master my race .

i have always pictured toss as being neither strong nor weak . but i dont play toss , there defence is presetnly rather buffed with the sheild battery , which im not up set about . but i think we deserve a 100 or least 50 boost on our spine crawler health . yes there moble , but they still cost a lot to make , i.e 1 whole drone potential .

i think these 3 strength lay outs work well to geather

What if u take main strength and weakness of each race and change each unit that didn’t fall unit

Terran range and defensive so for example stim should increase hp and increase range.
And not fast and higher dps.

Queens needs build timer in half and it’s health in half but super fast on creep and heals like roach burrowed and any unit on top queen increase hp regen by 2. Also it has cliff walk where it craws on top buildings. When it burrows on top hatch or lair or hive it gains regen still able to attack air.

Queen has to stay slow , its a defensive unit , it has to be a little pricey some how , as ot is a caster .

They seemed to recenly increased queens build time , its at 36 , i swore they were faster than that .

I think thats cold , they should incresee the time it takes for terran to wall off . Its not like i can rush with queens . They are only good on creep , and creep build is a time consumeing , yet exploitable skill , and should be .

Why does need be slow ever chased units with queen watch buildings burned because couldn’t chase.

Very least queens should be able cliff walk and walk over buildings.

I think there anti air needs be stronger especially their transfuse was nerf.

yeah no kidding on the transfuse nerff . they always be nerfing zerg stuff , i was like this $$%^ got weak . if any thing it should be stronger thats how we heal our static defence .

queen needs to be queen , hydra needs to be hydra .

Only unit that help was hydras but buildings suffer since u need heal multiple times u lose 50 hp.

Queens should never been mindset of macro they should move spawn lava to the hatches.

I never liked increase speed on creep was any good because speed is not good on defensive platform.

Creep spread so slow it blocks units to be fast. It be better if increase healing regen.

they removed the healing buff also ?

them punks .

yeah idc
if queens are slow .

everyone argues that zerg is the strongest race , its the most messed up race , right now , 1/2 there units are macro 1/2 are micro .

as in half there units to get best efficiency out of them they need to be used carefully , and the other half are cheaper and expendable to some degree .

this makes them akward for applying such buffs .

They only considered strong base two concepts

Certain pros can micro that looks balanced and other problem certain pros only play a style even if it has a hard counter. They keep doing it and blame that race so strong it need be nerf.

Biggest mistake speed was connected to creep more I think about this is dumbest thing.

Speed in any game use as offensive ability it poor ability as defensive tool.

I think about this queen is only limited to creep. It forced defensive this is why speed so poor and doesn’t make much sense.

You think about Terran units design defensive and only main problem out position. They hardly out position because Zerg is slow off creep. Plus’s creep gives it away.

Hell if queens were fast off creep even without transfuse they be good tank unit.