Does Proxy Battlecruiser or proxy Carrier work in Higher Leagues?

I’ve seen it work several times in middle leagues such as Platinum, but just wondering if it ever works in Masters or GM?

Like if you hide your Fusion Core and proxy the Star Port and also get an armory with fast armor upgrades, you can kill like 20 or even 30 marines and SCVS of an enemy Terran before they get enough Vikings to engage the Battlecruisder, and if you run away in time, you can repair it and use Yamato to kill the other player’s bunkers, because they will try bunkering their marines to prevent the regular weapon of the Battlecruiser from killing all their marines.

Anyway, I’ve seen this strategy work in Gold and even Platinum league before, so I’m just wondering if it ever workds for Diamond, Masters, or GM.

Same goes for Proxy Carrier, I’ve seen that work in Gold and Platinum league. It wouldn’t work on me, because I already assume some cheese is coming every game anyway.

I almost never get beaten by cheese. 9 times out of 10 when I lose it’s because I got out macroed 2 to 1, because I have low APM and it gets even lower since I got sick, but anyway that’s another discussion.

Thanks ahead of time.

Also, I’ve watched a couple hundred each of Avillo and ProTech’s games, and something I’ve noticed about both of those players is neither of them ever cheeses. Do they just not need cheese to keep their ranking, or do they just not think like that? HTOMario never cheesed either, and he had a 90-something percent win percentage against Zerg, and around an 80-something percent win percentage against Protoss. Mario would have been pro, but his TvT was actually his weakest matchup, and again he never cheesed. I actually know what Mario was doing wrong in Terran mirror: He was making too many Orbital Commands too early, and also trying to skip straight to mech, you can’t do that in Terran mirror, you need some Marines and Marauders early on, even if you are “meching”, because your opponent might be doing a bio all-in.

I think that’s a bad idea, never cheesing. You need to cheese once in a while, even if you think your macro and strategies ae “near perfect” because you need to keep your opponents guessing about what you are going to do. Even a “near perfect” strategy can be beaten if your opponent knows what you are doing every game. So that’s the point in Cheese, you need to keep your opponent guessing.

Proxy carrier WILL never work on one base unless you did a lot of damage with a cannon rush start, are proxying with shield batteries, and can afford to pull off the meme. On 2 base? I doubt it will work. The Terran should have enough units to deal with 1-2 carriers easily, and is likely throwing a counterattack at you by the time you have your first carrier out. The Zerg will most likely scout your proxy if it’s 2 base and then shut it down.

Proxy BC… Might as well just make it at home, no point in proxying, especially with the BC’s teleport skill. Against Zerg, a proxy can throw them off, but chances are, if they don’t see a starport in your base, they are going to assume it’s something like BC anyway. Against Protoss, it only works if they are not opening blink stalker and they don’t scout you well enough. Otherwise, you just die. Same for Terran. You just die to cyclone/raven. I’ve seen exceptions through careful micro, but there is a huge luck factor in throwing off your opponent the way the pros have somehow.

To sum up, you should never proxy carriers. You shouldn’t really proxy BCs

Ummm… No it doesn’t. Don’t try it. Proxy tempest / voidray works but proxy carrier? No way. Proxy BC won’t work because they’ll have the units to deal with it and probably transition to vikings so… Yea, no.

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