Does game remember experience past level 5?

Hello. If I started leveling a hero today (not during the “free” period that just ended) and get to level 5, the cap hits. If you continue to play after that, while the level stays at 5, does it “remember” your experience acquired so if you purchase later you then get all that “past level 5” experience, and any levels along with it?

Not to be confused with the “free” period where you get to a certain level, free period ends and it goes back to 5, but we were told it would go back to the level you had during free period if you ever purchase.

Thanks for any info!

There’s was a point when Mengsk released where mastery leveling totally froze. I spent this time playing capped level 5 commanders. After a dozen games, i got the achievement for level 10 Han and horner, even though they were still capped at level 5. (Sadly, after the exp gain got patched, so did this bug).

However, when free week started, my Han and horner jumped to level 13ish due to my exploits with the earlier bug.

What I’m saying is it’s likely that upon unlocking progression for a Commander, you can jump to the level you had previously.

Yes. I brought abathur and nova up to 15,and when they dropped to level 5,i bought them and they returned back to level 15

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It only works if you level them up in this ‘free’ period.

Normally, the system will only acknowledge the exp that was spilled over when you level up to 5.

You are not in the ‘free’ period
You are level 4 and need 10000 exp.

When you get 35000 exp.

You will get to lvl 5 and the game will remember this 25000 exp spilled over but any game after that they will not take it in account.

During the last ‘free’ period, they lifted the limit so that allowed the system to remember your progress.


That’s what I was thinking - blizzard only mentioned when you level up higher in the free people that after that it remembers, but nothing was mentioned about other times getting to 5 for the first time.

Would be nice if they had it posted somewhere.


here is how it works: Commanders keeps getting experience after Level 5. when you buy them, it calculates the experience they have gotten and they level up, if they have enough experience. you can even check how much experience you have accumulated by mousing over a Commander.

Not how it worked for me. I intentionally played a few games with Alarack before buying him to test exactly this. When I bought him, he was still level 5, with the overflow from when he went from 4 to 5 (as Cerebrate described).

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Yes, but if you played him several more times while capped at 5, and say you got enough experience to get him to level 8, when you finally do buy him, will he now be level 8, or just “5 and overflow from the one game that got him to level 5”?

Thank you for the responses.

The latter. I got to 5, played 2-3 more games (hard diff with double xp), then bought him. He was still level 5, with a bit of xp. If he was leveling normally he would’ve been 7 or 8.


Can confirm. I played enough alarak to EASILY get him to 15 (like, 50+ games). When I bought him, he was still level 5

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