Does double stargate void ray suck in PVZ?

Is it just me or have zergs figured out double (and even single) stargate void openers? Just walk your queens over and bring any sort of unit as a support. I feel like zergs are getting bolder and bolder with this. I just played and lost a game where the queen walk started at 41 workers for the zerg! 41 workers at around 5 mins! Crazy right?

Is it just me or have zergs figured out double (and even single) stargate void openers?

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Yes, decent Zergs have figured out how to deal with it. I am actually baffled at anyone who thinks voidrays are OP - they just became a viable unit. That’s it. People don’t realize you can win with a roach ravager ling queen push off 2-3 bases against a Protoss who wants to take his third (among many other options).

I think part of the reason why Protoss loses on this front is because of the indecisiveness to choose a tech path. You either make 1 stargate or 3 IMO. If you split between too many tech trees, you are bound to get punished for it. It is expensive to invest in storm, a solid ground army, voidrays + fleet beacon all at the same time. Of course, if your opponent lets you get away with this technology greed, that’s nice too.

Void Rays aren’t OP. Granted I’m a spectator I dabble around against the AI but don’t play competitively. But I watch a lot of game.

If anything is actually OP with toss it’s the shield battery / battery overcharge. But if the balance people do determine protoss is a bit too strong I’d hope they’d just give buffs to other races where they may be struggling. Battery overcharge has made PvP mirror much much better from a spectator standpoint and I think a game play standpoint. Still a lot of nonsense but you get a lot more macro games in PvP now.

Anyway back to the thesis of this post. Void Rays can be dealt with .

Yeah bro, 2 stargate voidray is just bad and weak at this moment in the game, it is not impossible to win, but I think its better to play another thing rather than void rays, because u can die so easily, either to mutas or queen marchs. There was a time i liked to play 1 stargate voidray and go for disruptors intead of a second stargate, and it was working very good, because queen march die against disruptors, but then I realized, that if u do that, u die against mutalisk, and if u play blink voidrays to counter muta, u die against queen march or mass hydra roach, the only way to win a game if u wanna play voidrays, is to scout like a madman, with 2 sentrys or more, otherwise, ur most likely gonna lose, either to mass muta, or queen marchs.