Do you guys think Tychus let Jim kill him?

When I first played the campaign I didn’t think so but after rewatching the scene it looked like Tychus could’ve done it earlier, or maybe even saw Jim unholster?

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You know, we only heard a gunshot, we didn’t even see what happened, or confirmed a death.
Was the same for Dugalle in Brood War, and maybe other cases.
I wish they had made use of those unseen scenes when there was still time…

Tychus committed suicide via Jim.

For the second time (according to himself) he committed an absolutely unselfish act and let Raynor chose his fate.

Ultimately it’s better to have your brains shot than have your CMC suit sabotage your organs.


I don’t remember the exact campaign story, but Tychus is a real one. He knew what was going to happen to him eventually, but he still made the most of his time with Jim


His death is confirmed. Jim mentioned it in StarCraft: Flashpoint.


Yeah as mentioned Flashpoint starts with Jim looking over Tychus’s “stiffening corpse” and forces his men to leave the body in the hive, and he spends the novel going through grief over what he had done to his friend, so it’s pretty clear he didn’t survive or that Jim didn’t pull his punches.

As for whether Tychus let Jim kill him, that’s actually what the voice actor did the scene assuming. Tychus went in assuming everyone was gung-ho with killing Kerrigan but realized Jimmy wasn’t going to, which is why he starts trying to get him to not go to Char. But he realizes its inevitable and goes to his fate. According to the voice actor, Tychus could have put a bullet in Raynor’s back if he wanted to, but that he knew he was going to die one way or another. Just a matter of the other marines there that Flashpoint confirmed were Raiders in spite of the red armor.

Granted, that’s just how the voice actor did it, and it’s not canon. But it gives a good idea of how they were trying to present things. The scene suffered a tad because Tychus’s role expanded during development since as they wrote him they discovered everyone loved the character, but the fancy cinematics had to be started very early when his role was smaller, so they couldn’t adjust to his different role well.


Would Mengsk even have let him live?

I think Tychus at that point was pretty much choosing between a bullet from Raynor and getting his organs turned off by Mengsk. When they entered the hive/cave he hadn’t made up his mind and hesitated at the end. Which gave raynor a chance to figure things out and act before tychus.

He may have, but I doubt he’d let him be free. He was tool to Mengsk and nothing more, as so many are.

My head cannon is yes. Tychus hesitated and told Jimmy the situation so Jim could act.

I know this topic is old, but I found an interesting addition.
While editing the coop map “Chain Of Ascension” (it probably take less, but I’m giving the exact circumstances), I went into the Data Editor, opened the “Campaign Data/Conversations” tab, and saw what was in the tree list for CutScene/1/acCutscene_Tychus.
Seems like at some point, there were interesting cutscenes planned, though I’m not sure when they would have come up, but it show some intents from the dev team.