Disrupter shot SHOULD explode when it dies

When i use Disrupters they always get snipe; the shot i sent doesn’t explode because it died/sniped by zerglings, marines etc. I think the Disrupters shots SHOULD explode with it dies because it basically be a waste of minerals and gas, and the shot, supply. SO please make Disrupters shot still explode when it dies. With a 200/150, 90 secs research upgrade. Thanks.


I’d be okay with it for a 200/200 upgrade and 75to 90 second research time at the correct tech.

This way it no longer requires a target, but can explode after its time. It would be too powerful when the disruptor comes out already, so an upgrade is a must for that to be okay. Bear in mind that this would mean if you rush disruptor with the upgrade, you will have less units and eco early on. So the balance is still there. I am a terran player.


No counter play, not gonna happen.

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Actually there is. Many. I am a dia 1 Protoss player, I said, only when it dies it can explode not when its pick up or anything, the shot can cancel when it gets pick up, and still can by not having a upgrade for it 200/200 about 90 secs is fair. Drops, mass air, phenix, micro, etc. can counter this.

I would like it too but imagine if Terran Ghost calls a nuke and you kill him in time but the nuke still lands :slight_smile:

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Terran nuke does land if ghost gets killed too late…:roll_eyes:


This would break PvT in protoss favour.
Terran already has to micro way more than protoss if disruptors are in play.

Video you might want to watch:
Patience vs. Bunny/ByuN (stalkers as a meatshield, preserving robo units instead of rushing new bases).

This is a bad idea… Disruptors are very powerful, when I say powerful, I don’t mean imbalanced, but they are pretty powerful. If you think about this from our perspectives, if we don’t kill the disruptor, about 20 of our units will die and the disruptors will have payed for themselves. This is a bad idea and will only make protoss much harder to beat. Get it?