Direct Strike Hero

Hi I am new to Direct Strike, I’ve been playing for about 2 or 3 weeks and I am starting to get the hang of it but I asked this question in the chats in Starcraft and no one answers me and I searched for it on google and find no answer, I just want to know how do you build a hero unit in direct strike because I noticed all the guys I play with all build one and it looks to be very strong but I am still stuck building normal units. By hero units I mean it’s like a single unit on it’s own and it’s really tough and does good damage and I’ve seen them killing whole groups of normal units before they go down please please anybody, thanks in advance.

It entirely depends on your commander choice.
Armies with a “hero” are:
Tychus (whole “army” consists of heroes)
Stettman (gary)
and Dehaka

Most other armies can obtain “super” units of sorts and Mengsk has “elite” units that are between Nova’s elite units and normal hero status in terms of strength and have their own mechanic.
Play one of those commanders and you’ll be able to put down your very own hero unit.

Oh awesome thank you :grinning: