Deploy Stetellite Cooldown: -1 Second

I’ve been using Stetmann P2 for as long as I could remember, and on most maps I don’t have issue with Stetellite placement, but on maps like Malwarfare where you have to move back and forth and uncertain where the towers would show up, I often don’t have enough Stetellie for Gary to move efficiently. I could use Recall and Zone, yes, but as the example of Malwarfare above and if I happened to be the one doing bonus, I’m still required to spend extra Stetellite to get to those places.

So… I’m thinking about moving some points from structure morph rate to Stetellie CD reduction, about -1 second should be enough reassurance. I haven’t tried it yet, how do people feel about it?

I’ve switched to all of my points in Stettelite cooldown on P2 due to issues like this and because of how some mutators disable or even permanently destroy Stettelites.

This delays Super Gary by a few seconds but is okay by me. Better than not having enough Stettelites when Reanimated units keep permanently destroying them.

Same problem even on ME. Though I just git gud by rushing as fast as possible to hive, managing my gary zone cooldown, and not needlessly throwing away my stettelites to enemy fire. For MW I ask my partner to take care of the first bonus so I can conserve stettelites as well.

Structure morph rate is definitely more powerful due to faster boom.
But if your performance will greatly suffer without more sattelites then it will be beneficial to get some satellite mastery.

Keep in mind that you can make a Hatchery anywhere to provide a large stetzone, plus they provide larva.
Also you still have your army (& your teammate) to provide the mobile force while P2 garry itself provides the slower force (separate garry and army when needed).

I go 15/15. Seems enough for me.

How much of a faster boom is it really? Can we quantify the benefit to the economy and to Gary?

you are welcome to spend many hours mathing it out :slight_smile:

satellite mastery is a crutch, since its never needed when you use the tools you have properly.
though brutal is easy enough that you can go without any mastery as stetmann and still wreck.

I don’t play regular Brutal and primarily go for the extra Stettelites to overcome various mutators including environmental ones that knock your stettelites out temporarily or mutators that can knock your stettelites out permanently like Reanimators and Poopagators.

Doesn’t seem like a crutch to me when Super Super Gary relies so much on Stettelites for movement. Remember too for something like Going Nuclear that the faster and further you spread Stettelites the less Nukes will actually drop on your army.

Lacking structure morph Mastery slows down the early game but Stettman P2 already has one of the strongest early games around so it hardly seems a problem though im open to actual evidence based discourse rather than thinly veiled shade being thrown around.

True, Super Gary in P2 could handle most waves/bases on his own without an army, though the same couldn’t be said about Stetmann’s army without Gary.

I will try Stetalliate with -0.5 sec CD to start. Structure morph speed goes from +60% to +54% after the change.

According to starcraft2coop it’s a minimum of 12 points to morph Super Gary as soon as Hive finishes so I would consider this the maximum for P2.

Its pointless talking about mutators since there are basically countless combinations and with map and Amon compositions mixed in there is bound to be a situation where even the worst thing has some opportunity to shine.

Satellite cooldown mastery is a crutch in regular brutal, utterly unnecessary.
If you are playing mutators then your mileage will always wary, as with literally anything else in sc2 coop when mutators are involved.

Said like someone who doesn’t play a lot of Brutal+ :sweat_smile:.

Incidentally in Brutal+2-6 going P1 might technically be the strongest choice due to how powerful P1’s invulnerable stettelites are against so many mutators that can otherwise cause problems.

Yeah. You’re kind of like the only guy (not counting the lurkers) playing past brutal in this forum nowadays. Bog has a point that mutators are just an RNG element that makes or breaks your mastery choices, what CD mastery saves for one game is pointless in the next. And as what your other best friend says we only measure things in Brutal because it is the highest difficulty with the least RNG elements to it.

I do it from time to time, but honestly I don’t find that I really need it. Gary can generate Stetzones, which then allows you to place Stetellites without being linked to previous ones. Having points to reduce the cooldown by 1 isn’t bad, but losing out on all your structure morph rate like Octo does is stupid. It’s like taking away your structure morph rate from Abathur because you don’t want to use Queens to spread creep.

Experimenting with different Mastery load outs is stupid? Yes indeed why don’t we always just do as everybody else does and never try anything different. I’m sure you are very good at fitting in :crazy_face:.

I really love playing Stettman and switch prestiges as much as I switch masteries. Stettman is a well designed commander in that every prestige and Mastery has a use in different circumstances and each prestige offers different playstyles (except P3 which is pretty shoe-horned into ultra/brood but when it works it WORKS).

I’m currently experimenting with 30 points in Stettelite cooldown on P2 because I want to see if it makes a noticeable difference on those mutators that affect Stettelite placement but the RNG means it’ll take a while for me to gather enough evidence one way or another. Probably I’ll end up back at 12 to get Super Gary out on time but don’t know what’s best until you try it for yourself.


I played last night with 0.5 second reduction, and managed to hit another Malwarfare map. I had no trouble this time, though that was probably because my teammate was the one doing the bonus, which saves me a lot of Stettelites.

I checked sc2coop and yeah, they said 12 pt is minimum for immediate Super Gary, but I don’t see myself needing Stettelite CD reduction beyond 1 sec in most cases (not counting mutation, of course). I will try -1 second tonight.

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Good to do this research ourselves as everyone’s playstyles are a little bit different. I switched up the masteries on Stettman P2 after my experience with Abathur realising that with 30 points in Toxic nests cap/cooldown I could mine out the map despite environmental mutators like Going Nuclear or other mutators like Just Die! and Polarity which did so much for making those match ups easier.

On the other hand it slows down the tech but who cares when the early game is carried by minimal tech investment Brutalisks and Leviathans?

I go stettelite mastery because on b0 it really doesn’t matter, while on b+ the only mutators that give me trouble are the ones that disable your stettelites repeatedly like nukes, orbital, eruption and blizzard, which require you to place more than normal or build alternate pathways for him in a hurry. Getting Super Gary out a few seconds later doesn’t matter in the long run imo.