Defend widow drop + lib harass + biotank push

Heya all, gold protoss here and wondering how to respond to something.

I was just hit @ 6.30 by a lib in the main, widow drop in the nat, and a marine/tank push (mostly a distraction, one tank and like 12 marines) at the front, and wondering how I’m meant to respond. I scouted with hallu at the 4 and 5 minute mark and then again when the push was 75% across the map to confirm. Scouts saw barrack+factory+starport with a bio+tank build up so expected bio+tank with maybe medivacs. The hard thing is when you scout all three buildings it can be anything. I killed the distraction push easily and pulled out of the widow mines with no damage, but the liberator got a whole mineral line - just can’t micro in three places at once at the moment.


  • Whats the correct response? Should I be scouting more? What kind of defense stops this?
  • How do you tell what they are going to do when you see barracks, factory and starport? What is your response to this?
  • Are there easy ways to shut down widow and liberator or at least make them less impactful. I know of cannons but this is expensive especially if you want to block all the liberator angles.
  • What is a good macro-orientated build for PvT? I currently run with essentially vibe’s B2GM build which is fast nexus and ground units into Immortal/Archon/Chargelot. Works fine if you get to it but mostly my losses atm are to the harass and pressure that stops you getting there. I’m looking mostly at the question of “what do I build to survive the early game?”
    -I currently play 100% macro and defensive, with a big push at max supply, I know this won’t work long term but it was recommended for lower leagues. Wondering if given the quantity of harassment I’m finding in gold that I need to change this? If so whats the best (easiest!) harass option for PvT?

Edit: Looking back at it maybe the correct response to hardcore harass like this is to just kick his door down? I had 2300 army value to his 1200. Will keep that in mind for next time but still looking for ways to mitigate the insane amount of pressure and harassment I’ve run into since hitting gold

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The main thing is to be more active on the map.
You can play nearly anything you like in gold - just learn a solid build (rush blink, then robo for immortals and a few observers).
Watch out for supply blocks and when you have more than 100 gas or 100 minerals. (think about how to macro easier in those situations like a control group or just a-move / retreat to have more time to macro).

What can also help is training with micro trainers (i.e. printf or even a WOL map like Darglein’s Micro Trainer). It will help you to concentrate better, spend less and less time on micro thus having more time to macro.

If you upload a replay to
and post the link here like I did, anyone can take a look at it and post a few tips.

Didn’t know about micro trainers, cheers for the tip. The replay stuff is in the too hard basket for me atm, but I know that there is random stuff like supply blocks and better saturation I can work on. I’ve been recently forcing high templar into my builds where possible so I can get used to having a relatively easy ability to micro. I’ve found that increasing my stalker count from like 2 to 6+ gives me a better response to many of the air-based harassments that Terran can do so have made that my focus.

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