Dear Blizzard- Everyone is a Master- Ladder Issue

Hi everyone,

Blizzard i support the balance changes and that you are looking to balance the game.

Now to the issue at hand, Ladder

Everyone is a master due to the ladder bug that has not been fixed, in 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4.

This might seem like a little issue but lets look at it

I work hard to improve at x race and i finally get to masters MMR great work.
Now because of the ladder bug everyone down to gold/ silver gets a master portrait

This is very de motivating and also when playing team games see masters borders… and play best strategys etc and crushhhhhhhh silver leaguers

PLEASE BLIZZARD fix the ladder bug and ensure that correct MMR is in the correct league

Raise a Jirra ticket or whatever you use at blizzard but please fix this.


Blizzard uses zendesk, not Atlassian/Jira

this bug got fixed on the turn of the new years, Master is yet again just the top 5%