D2 decision making as P vs Z

I struggle vs Zerg as Protoss on decision making in early game (Diamond 2).
What info should i get with 1st Adept scout?
What Lair tech tells me?
When to make 3rd expo?
Robo techs vs twighlight tech path?

Hey dude,

we can watch some replays and stream it if you want to.
So other players can watch it.
1st adept (or first 2) should check saturation and gas timing (more than 1 gas? any tech?)
ALSO watch out for unspent larva. (either bad mechanics or possible ling attack soon).

3rd expo kinda when your first 2 adepts are coming back + you have 1-2 oracles (switch of aggression / scouting tools from i.e. 2 adepts to 1 oracle) at like 4:00 or something like that. minimal surface area can help a ton vs. lings).

Robo and twilight are usually paired when I see them so archon drop or 4 DT + wp are solid and you have the option to chrono out some immos.
Stargate Opening or even cannon rush into void rays is pretty popular now (also snipe bases).

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Timing of the first expand, and also the spawning pool. Plus on he takes that gases.

That will tell if he is playing macro, greddy, defensive, or aggressive.

Depends when he is taking the 3rd or 4th.
Again if his playing macro you can do that as well.

But if you are not putting pressure or harressment early or mid game, the Zerg will just max out and destroy you.

Timing of the first expand, and also the spawning pool.
You can’t scout the timing of the pool with the first adept but you can scout if speed is (still) being researched or not (which is what MindSpirit wanted to say here I believe).

i.e. it’s a good idea to throw down a templar archive when zerg takes 6 gases + 4th base as it could be roach/ravager, ling/bane/hydra or mutas.

I’ve also seen a very nice from a toss player:
Flanking high templars with stalkers vs. banelings (just be in the way & storm them; also some form of scouting / map presence).