Custom games not loading

custom games are currently not working it endlessly loads things and basically forces me to shut down my computer because i cannot even close the program… this only started happening very recently never before


I had the same issue.
It froze my computer for 10 minutes, but I managed to log back in.
I think there are hackers in SC2 arcade? 8 suspicious arcade lobbies I found


Gonna be related to the Hackers I’d wager

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ahh i see thanks i guess i haave to type more because theres a 20 character minimum? lol what the fffffffff

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I’m having the same problem!!


Same issue on a fresh install with two different accounts, two different PCs in my home. Co-Op loaded fine and game plays in that mode, but just navigating to Custom locks up the client. Switching to Windowed-Fullscreen resolution allows me to at least attempt to kill the process and access Task Manager but it’s an awful experience to come back to when D4 and HotS have zero problems.

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This isn’t a you issue. There is malicious activity going on. Frustrating too because they waited until late night when there would be a skeleton crew.

I thought it was my SC2, so tried Scan and Repair, resetting game settings and updating drivers. After a computer restart, still having the same issue… soon as I click “Custom” tab, Starcraft goes unresponsive. Glad I checked here before I re-installed.

Hoping there’s a fix soon, or if it’s hackers, that Blizzard addresses this soon.

edit: it’s just my SC2, not my computer that’s crashing


I keep trying and I keep getting loooong load then crash :poop:

Hackers are at play here, its not you.

just hit campaign tab then to the right of it says custom, tap arcade and you can host lobbies


Oh wow nice, thank you, that works.

Huge thanks! Also seeing that this is by some user “High Voltage” salty over something to do with “parasite”. I have no clue, just what I’m reading in the Arcade chat.

Parasite is a custom map and while sadly, an amazing map of deception, its bred the worst of trolls, to the point where they hack to circumvent, apparently.

Want to add to what another user said earlier

If you get into a custom game using his method, you have to open task manager and cancel the sc2 exe if you are going to leave, otherwise upon leaving the same hard freeze will occur.

Temporary fix here Custom Games not loading Temp Fix

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Good to hear I’m not alone. What worked for me to close the game because it basically freezes everything, press ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager then win+tab and open a second desktop, drag the task manager to the 2nd desktop and then use task manager from the 2nd desktop to close starcraft.

This is for windows 11, idk if it works for others


This has started for me now too. The host file ‘fix’ doesnt work. How has Blizzard not fixed this yet??

I started having this problem this morning. Last night everything was fine. I was able to get into a game and right after it was done. it froze

This worked for me:
click campaign → custom → arcade

was able to play one game, and then it froze after the game in lobby

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It works !!
Love you ~