Coop Alliance colors missing

Coop Alliance colors missing the color green. Default is shown as being green but the commander choice dictates the color. So Zagara is pink. If I want green I have to choose Aquamarine. Please put Green back into the choices.

when you go into a game, there should be 3 options to the left of the mini map, click the bottom-most option (or alt+F), then it should change to green (which should be the default), instead of pink. You have to set the colors in-game (if it doesn’t change to green), otherwise it’ll think that you’re not playing co-op.

In co-op, the commanders have certain colors/skins that override the colors/skins you have set, outside of Co-op.

Seems like you do understand how to change currently used color based on that.

Maybe also add “Put the current commander color in the box for default, even if it means that color will appear twice in the list as a result, or put no color there (and maybe no color box at all) since it’s variable”.

Necroing this to ask for confirmation: is it just me, or is green now available to everyone?