Control group not working


My control group (1-9) hotkeys don’t work anymore, which is quite annoying. I didn’t do anything special, except maybe play a mod called starchess, but i doubt that it’s the problem since the friend i played with has no problem with his control groups.The rest of the hotkeys (construct, attack,…) works.

Already tried :
Reinstall the game
Change the Ctrl + n° to another bind (like the letter P)
Test grid hotkey
Use a hotkey preset from a friend

Please help, and thanks in advance !

did you find a solution? same problem. makes game unplayable

Open your gameplay settings and change it from “hide”

Had the same problem. Go to “settings”, → “gameplay”, on the right side there’s a panel with “control groups”, → change “hidden/unclickable/undassignable” to “normal”.
Problem solved.