Commander Versus Game Mode

I had an idea for a new game mode which would be a really fun addition to the game. Right now we have co-op mode which allows players to use the different commanders against an AI doing campaign like missions. What if a new PvP mode was added that allows players to use the commanders against each other. So it would be like Versus but instead of using either Terran, Protoss, or Zerg you would use one of the co-op commanders. This would create a new game experience and bring a lot more variety to the Starcraft II PvP zone. Of course, some of the commander abilities would need to be tweaked to make this game mode more balanced, and players should also only fight with other players that have the same level commander as them(or very close to it). Overall though, this would be a very fun twist to the game and would bring a lot more gameplay variety.

What do you think, should Blizzard add this game mode or not?

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They did this once already in an April Fool’s mutation.

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I mean I definitely think it would be neat. But it would be an absolute nightmare to balance. I don’t see balancing it as a possibility tbh. The commanders are just far to different to make everything fair. There will always be 1 commander that dominates another commander and so on.

But I do think it would be interesting regardless of if its balanced or not.

also there is already a custom game mode where you can do this. No ladder or anything. But if you got a buddy you want to try it out with it is there.