Colossus weapon targeting system discussion and suggestions

Hello guys, I am directly going to tell you what I have recently seen and what has been bothering me. So recently I watched Neeb vs Clem series and in the last game on Ice and Chrome, I saw how an army of 3 Colossi, 6-8 Phoenixes, 3-4 Carriers, and some Disruptors lost to Terran bio with Vikings where the marines were predominant and here I saw it: while the fight was happening I saw how all the marines were gunning down every Phoenix and Interceptor down from the sky, tearing them apart while our beloved Laser Giraffes(Colossi) were happily attacking the 2-3 Marauders in front barely dealing any dmg if you wonder the marines were in the range of the Colossi. If the Colossi were targeting the cluster of Marines it would have been over very quickly if with every volley from the 3 Colossi there were 4-6 marines gone.

The Colossi excel at dealing dmg and obliterating clusters of light units so I have I feeling that’s not well utilized because of its targeting system not prioritizing the clusters of light units.
And here is my modest suggestion: make the Colossus AI auto-targeting systems prioritize light units and clusters of them (in range) for maximum aoe dmg.

So I want to hear your thoughts on this guys.

By the way, there is a Liquipedia explanation of Automatic Targeting, just google it.

I think its up to the player to focus fire the light units. If you did this for collos you’d have to do it to a zerg and terran unit too, otherwise its imba.

Collos also dumbly attacks buildings if you are fighting near their base, so you really need to micro them.

Colossi are already quite strong for some timings, this would likely push them over the edge.

They might need a slight buff vs armored so they’re not quite as useless when they target the wrong dude, but honestly I’m not sure if even that small tweak wouldn’t make them too strong for these timings.

I dont think its possible to manually target the light unit with Colossi with bigger armies when you have to manage things like disruptors, sentries or stalkers, etc.
So it be better if they just target the type of units they are strong againts.

I agree with the OP. The colossus AI could use tweaking.

Would be cool if colossus wouldn’t be the only thing, cause of their range, that is absolutely terrible to target with close to buildings like planetaries that take the main priority of the unit.

Everytime you a+leftclick or S stutterstep instead of manually rightclicking targets, the colossus attacks the planetary…