[Co-op] Zagara's Scourge/Corruptor morph hotkeys

Currently Scourge and Corruptor morph hotkeys are set to other unit’s morph hotkeys which causes problems if these unit’s morphs need to be assigned to different hotkeys as well as requiring knowledge of mophs that need to be assigned.
To be exact:

  1. “Morph to Scourge” is assigned to “Morph to Roach”, since Abathur also have “Morph to Roach” - this causes both buttons to be assigned to the same hotkey with no way to workaround.
  2. “Morph to Corruptor” is asigned to Versus’s “Morph to Swarm Host” which causes same problems while also not allowing player to change that hotkey in the game unless player plays Versus.

Also, “Morph to Roach” hotkey that Abathur uses is the same hotkey that is used for Versus Roach while those two buttons placed differently on the hud, it would be better if they used two different hotkeys.

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Damn thank you so much! I’ve been searching for the exact keybind for Zagara’s corruptors for days, wouldn’t have suspected swarmhosts since re-binding those guys in the game’s menu already had corrected kerrigan’s hydralisks.

I love this game, the team has achieved pure greatness in making it but hell is this keybind system a mess.