Co-op, rewind, game ends, can't hit 'score screen'

Hello. The subject line says it all.

After a co-op game ends, if i hit rewind and then even back it up a minute, watch to the end, you will now see the “score” button. It doesn’t work and you cannot even bring up the regular menu to exit. You are forced to back up again, then you can bring up the menu to “exit replay” while the replay is not at the end.

The bug is the “score screen” button that doesn’t work when you click it.

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+1. every. single. time. I hate it when I missclick on replay.

Use F10 to bring up the game menu. The exit replay button is there.

Looks like they fixed it. The F10 would not work either at that point to bring up the menu to exit. Glad they fixed it.