[co-op] Prestige "The Limitless" doesn't require 200biomass

Abathur’s units can pick up more than 100 biomass, but automatically morphs into ultimate evolution upon collecting 100 biomass instead of 200.


They should add more supplies to them. Otherwise, this will happen

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Having the same issue here

Simpler option… reduce Abathur to 100 supply (or less… since “Limitless” won’t need many units)

Seems fair enough since the prestige only concentrates UE. But what if a Unit with supply 3 becomes a UE (Ravager, Swarm Host)?
Do you think they should have their supply reduced to 2?

So your solution is, when supply 3 unit turns UE that supply 3 should stay the same (supply 3 not 2) and they to kill drones to produce more of UE? Why not just roll the population back to 2?

I think the beauty of the “Limitless” is how much you can make UE in the duration of the mission. If the supply 3 unit turns UE and stays the same supply, then players may think its unfair because it is not a complete gain with +1 supply (From players they find it more favourable in “more merrier the better” mindset).
In some cases players accidently transform units to UE because they forgot to turn off their autocast.
So my conclusion is: instead of cutting off -100 supply, all UE should have supply 2 no matter which units are transformed.

If they have the resources to build more expensive units…then they can kill some drones.

Most importantly, getting 73 supply worth (only 1 base needed) of 3 supply 200 biomass UEs still needs 4800 biomass…enough for 96 supply of regular maxed out non prestige units…which would be hard to get.