[Co-op] Oil Baron not working as intended

Stetmann’s prestige, Oil Baron, is not giving his units the best oil buff after killing units as advertized. Instead it activates a completely different effect of casting Overload on every single unit currently in a Stetzone whenever switching configs. While this is a cool effect, it should exist elsewhere.

While we’re at it, can we make Best Oil also give energy per second to Stetmann units? Would go a long way for him.


Agreed, Oil Baron seems like a way to encourage some bigger units (ex. ultras) so they can benefit from being outnumbered.

That said, auto-overcharge is a cool gimmick as well; I’d take either/or, but if they go with auto-overcharge instead it needs a bit of a rework. Stronger+longer duration effect, add cooldown between state swapping. As it stands I find myself mashing Ctrl X Ctrl C back and forth any time my units are fighting, and that’s just not interesting gameplay.

Oil Baron also crashes the game if you use BattleCarrier Lords.

It’d be nice on Signal Savant as compensation for losing Super Gary. Bigger Stetzones by themselves are not a big enough upside.