Co-Op Mutation #409: Coordinated Defense

This just in: Dominion allies have decided to only do half of the work they were brought in to do! Will the lava destroy what’s left of Veridia Prime, or will the missiles get to them first? Stay tuned to find out!

Missile Command - Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission.
Polarity - Each enemy unit is immune to either your units or your ally’s units.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1 Player 2
[CtG (Stukov)] [Tombow (Swann)]
[Lila (Raynor)] Spohky (Arcturus)

[Reddit Post Link]


  • Half of every single attack wave and every base is immune to you or your ally. This means you cannot split between separate attack waves; both need to attack the same location simultaneously.
  • Enemies with the red shield are immune to your attacks. Another way to figure out which units are yours before engaging is to mouse over the enemy unit:
  • [Yellow circle] is ally’s target
  • [Red circle] is your target
  • Immobilization Wave, Time Stop, and other movement/attack restricting spells still work on enemy units immune to you, but they deal 0 damage.
  • You can manually target the enemy units immune to you, but it will do 0 damage.
  • Missiles spawn at the very start, [from the edges of the map] . They slowly fly to the players’ bases.
  • Missiles [deal 100 damage] at first. However, the size increases, and eventually they launch nuke missiles toward players’ bases. Those ones come with a warning sound.
  • We can shoot down the missiles [10 HP], but sometimes they launch [Point Defense Drones] , so we need to shoot those down first. Also, we cannot stop them from spawning.

Vote here for which 3 commanders you think are the best for this mutation:

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Yeah nah. Imma coordinate with myself and see y’all next week. lol.


I just beat this with KaraxP1/KerriganP2. Karax as usual is a defense king. My Kerrigan ally went mass ultras. I had a hard time keeping my army up with her for this as the few sentries I’d make would get killed. But since Kerrigan’s ultras are so tanky it did not matter. She could draw aggro from enemies will drones would pull in units. And even though polarity effects missiles to, I was still able to reduce the threat of missile command enough for us to not to lose our bases.

I recommend P3 Karax for this rather then P1 since this can help you assist your ally with SOA abilities a lot.

Is the info above correct?
If I’m just looking at enemy units, a RED shield means they’re immune.

But if I mouse over the unit, a RED circle means I need to kill it. Who the heck decided that was a good idea?

Thats correct. Keep in mind that missiles also have polarity. But you can’t see the shield icon.

A shield and a red hover circle can’t both be true according to the info in the OP.

An immune unit should have the shield icon and a yellow hover circle.

Mutation overlap 225 this week 2nd

1st clear Stukov P3+Artanis P3

Mutation (Coordinated Defense) play list

But yea. Never been a huge fan of polarity.

This mutation is gonna be the hardest, missiles and polarity are a tough nut to crack. Focus on the enemies with a red target mark and missiles can be dealt with auto-turrets bunkers, cannons. Recommended commanders:

  • Raynor P0
  • Karax P3
  • Tychus P2
  • Nova P1/P3
  • Zeratul P2/P3
  • Swann P1/P2
  • Stukov P1
  • Abathur P2
  • Vorazun P3

[Brutal] Zeratul (P2) + Ally Swann (P1):

First attempt. We both made plenty of static D at main entrances as well as in our expos. Enemy was Terran Mech, so I picked Serdath Legion to mind control some of them. Ally massed Goliaths + Vessels. Run felt pretty smooth as we didn’t care about Polarity that much. Even though there were many enemy units inmune to my cannon’s projection, they couldn’t stand the power of my Avatar of Essence: they were all transformed. That helped a lot, and since we had the Laser Drill’s splash damage, almost every enemy wave wasn’t a big deal.
A pretty perfect match (and ally ofc), excluding the fact that several workers died in their way back to home carrying the crystals (due to Splitter Missiles). Poor probes. Ally got the bonus.

Karax P3 + Alarak P3 — WIN
Both of us being Protoss was convenient for base defense since we can just share the power field of each other’s pylons. In addition to making Cannons, I made a Shield Battery or 2 at some spots to help heal up. Better to put Batt at front for units though. Ally spamming Struc. Overcharge was nice to deal with stuff I couldn’t.

Spamming SoA for what ails your ally’s polarity is ofc. wonderful. SL for larger clumps, but individual OS also does the trick. OS can still stun units not killable by you. Purifier Beam was nice to sick on enemy encampments. That leaves most, if not all other stuff for your ally to kill (and if there are some stray things, just zap it).

Game got tense. I was surprised when my ally “gg”-ed because I wasn’t even paying attn to the counter! (just the timer). Yeah, 20 crystals crept up on me!


On the Europe side, I believe Tychus P0 is my best bet since I have few of them leveled up

I’m just looking at what the OP said

“Enemies with the red shield are immune to your attacks. Another way to figure out which units are yours before engaging is to mouse of the enemy units:
Yellow circle is ally’s target
Red circle is your target”

Red shield = immune
But red circle = kill it

This matches my limited experience with this awful mutation wherein I always have to figure out the hard way which enemy units are killable by me.


Why the hard way? Having the shield over a unit means they are ‘shielded’ from your attacks. Attack those that not shielded. No mousing-over needed.

Ten minutes in, my Karax ally had amassed 1 Carrier and 2 Zealots (and 2 Photon Cannons to defend my side).

IDK why I bothered queueing for this week.

Karax shouldn’t even be building units for this other then workers. Just static defenses and using SOA attacks.

Maybe not for P3. However, I don’t think there’s going to be enough SoA to properly deal with Polarity enemies on the field. Otherwise, defense does take up a good amount of APM and resources until it’s fleshed out

I usually go with P3 on this. As long as one is spending using their SOA abilities carefully on P3 there should be enough to go around. If using P1 then the best thing to do is make canons while one’s ally pushes. Maybe one could make some units if P0 and P2 is simply out of the question for this.

On the EU server, I don’t have P3, so I just went with P0. You will want units. On the plus side, having Chrono trifecta means it’s quicker to build them, and get your econ going.

Normally, I’d agree. But with Polarity, it’s just not possible to push if your ally doesn’t help. Also, he wasn’t P3.

I hate Polarity so, so much.

Only if P3 of course. And while its true that its not possible if the ally doesn’t help, this also goes for armies. And Karax has most of his power in his structures if doing P1. If doing P3, then his power is more balanced between his SOA abilities and structures.