Co-Op Mutation #408: Bubble Pop

The battlestation has activated its lockdown protocol, which deploys fields that slow down your forces, seals off resource nodes, and deploys shields on the defenders. Strike with precision to get through their setup.

Barrier - Enemy units gain a temporary shield upon the first time they take damage.
Mineral Shields - Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue.
Time Warp - Enemy Time Warps are periodically deployed throughout the map.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

[ [Reddit Post Link]](Will add later)


  • Time Warp slows down player units and structures in a large area until it dissipates.
  • Time warp starts as a red circle on the ground, which gives players time to move out of its area before it spawns the slowing bubble.
  • Barrier gives a 100 health shield to units that don’t get killed in 1 hit.
  • Mineral shields are 50 health structures. A minimap ping indicates their arrival. If not destroyed they last a very long time then they disappear on their own.
  • Player units and static defense DO NOT autotarget Mineral Shields.
  • Time Warp affects the artifact trucks.

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Pretty manageable. Cleared it as Tychus P3 with a Random P2 Zagara against Zerg Air. Making an auto-turret on your mineral lines and grouping them in a control group will be the key to countering mineral shields. Just don’t rush and take your time, you will go slower because of the barrier and time warp zones.


Easy mutation. Any commander can handle this if they know what they are doing. I suggest doing this with a character you want to level first.

Mutation overlap 224 this week 2nd

1st clear Stukov P3+Artanis P3

Mutation (Bubble Pop) play list

This mutation is gonna be a walk in the park, time warp, barrier and mineral shields can be countered manually. Recommended commanders:

  • Stukov P3
  • Artanis P3
  • Nova P3
  • Tychus P3
  • Stetmann P1
  • Zeratul P2/P3
  • Swann P1-P3
  • Zagara P1-P3
  • Vorazun P3
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#224 Bubble Pop – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Barrier, Mineral Shields, Time Warp


An easy mutation. Barrier is the only slightly impactful mutator. And your ally.

For duos: anyone

For solo queue: anyone

Successes [and key points]

Abathur (p0)

Abathur (p3)

Alarak (p3)

Artanis (p3)

Dehaka (p1)

Fenix (p2)

HH (p2)

Karax (p2)

Kerrigan (p0)

Kerrigan (p1) [no mining]

Mengsk (p1)

Stetmann (p2)

Stukov (p1)

Tychus (p1)

Zagara (p2)

Zeratul (p3)

Uploaded later this week because this week is easy anyways

Vorazun (p3)

Zeratul (p3) [no mining]

Stetmann (p2) [100% Gary]

Swann (p1)

Nova (p1)

Raynor (p3)

Tychus (p2) [Tychus only]

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


Did it as Tychus P2, smooth as butter.
Two turrets behind each mineral line, enough to quickly deal with any mineral shields.
Tychus was the only one fighting on the battlefield, escorting the truck towards bonus and then towards main objective. All the other heroes guarded the base entrances against enemy attacks. Funny thing is, as long as you have base and trucks defense on lock, the mission becomes pretty linear.

The last easy mutation for a while… Cleared with Tychus P2 and random ally was Kerrigan.

Can’t wait for the fun B4+ in solo queue!

This is MUCH MORE of a Brutal+1 rating than last week! All wins thus far!..

Karax P3 + Nova P3
I made towers for defense so that Nova nor my own forces didn’t need to keep returning to base to deal with attack waves. Omnipresent SoA lasers helped there!

Nova P2 + Raynor
Missed both bonuses here, but FWIW, I had to get familiar with Nova again. Timing on Griffin Transport made things go better (not have to make so many trips back and forth)… destroy construct, move army back to defend, and trucks can just move in place.

[Brutal] Abathur (P2) Solo:

Enemy was Terran Mech. Started by luring the closest enemies (from expos) to my toxic nests, using both trucks. Plan was that as soon as my first roach spawned, it would become a Brutalisk, and it went as I wished. I didn’t think Barrier was so strong until I realized I wouldn’t be able to get at least one bonus. Decided to skip both of them. Went for mass Swarm Hosts to feel safe.

[Brutal] Raynor (P3) + Ally Stukov (P3):

I don’t play Raynor so often, so after beating it solo as Abathur, I thought I should give it a try. Annnnd ofc enemy was Terran. Why not? Anyway, ally went for mass bunkers as P3 Stukov players are known for. Run was kinda weird, because every single wave, liberators loved to harass ONLY my mineral line :skull_and_crossbones:
I would’ve liked to see my ally uproot and move all of his bunkers across the map, but he was probably busy doing something else (I loved when he sent an overseer -rally point, how kind of him <3- in one of my Battlecruisers haha) I also did many mistakes (lost several cruisers, lost many workers, didn’t use scans when needed -that’s why ally sent overseers-, and kinda low on upgrades). It was funny tho. We got both bonuses.


I used Nova P2 a lot here since there is many situations you need to get somewhere in a hurry to deal with enemy attacks.