Co-Op Mutation #406: The Quick and the Undead

Void entities emerge endlessly from the Slivers. Or at least, that’s what it seems. The enemy has agents that reconstitute your enemies and send them once more on the war path. Stop them!

Speed Freaks - Enemy units have double their normal movement speed.
Void Reanimators - Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1 Player 2
[CtG (Kerrigan)] Iswald (Han and Horner)
[CtG (Fenix)] Iswald (Stukov)
[CtG (Swann)] Mestrophis (Stetmann)
[CtG (Zagara)] Piky (Alarak)
[CtG (Karax)] Piky (Artanis)
[CtG (Arcturus)] ShadowWil (Tychus)
[CtG (Zeratul)] [Hunter (Nova)]
[CtG (Abathur)] [Hunter (Dehaka)]

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  • Last week was Han and Horner’s first Commander of the Week win in the past 74 weeks.
  • A [Void Reanimator] is a ground unit that walks around the map and instantly revives a single random unit every few seconds.
  • The Void Reanimator has 200HP and 200 shields, runs around without any minimap indicator, and cares not whether you killed an enemy a minute or an hour ago. He will revive it.
  • If at any point in the game, you get a seemingly endless stream of enemies, try searching up their attack path. There are probably 2-3 Void Reanimators there.
  • Void Renimators revive enemies spawned from Void Slivers.
  • Up to four [4] Void Reanimators can be active on the map at any given time. If you lock them away somewhere, they will not be able to revive any more units.
  • Enemy waves hit very fast and early because of speed freaks.

Weekly Mutation Database
Maguro’s Mutation List

Vote here for who you think are the top 3 best commanders for this mutation:


Mutation overlap 222 this week 2nd

1st clear Mengsk P3+Artanis P3

Mutation (The Quick and the Undead) play list

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This mutation must prioritize Void Reanimators as they revive fallen enemies when unprepared, speed freaks are the second priority so heroic units can defend their base in early game. Recommended commanders:

  • Tychus P2
  • Stetmann P2
  • Nova P3
  • Swann P3
  • Zagara P1/P3
  • Stukov P1/P3
  • Fenix P2
  • Zeratul P2
  • Vorazun P3
  • Karax P1/P3

Tychus (P2) Solo:

Played with only Tychus and Sam. Tychus was hanging around my base, trying to lure all enemy waves inside the base to be killed there, so Reanimators couldn’t revive as many units as possible. Sam was in charge of sniping slivers, from a safe distance, using his invu spell and sometimes several medivacs. Last part got an awful timing (Reanimator spawned near Sam), but at last, it was manageable, thanks to the Odin.

Dehaka (P2) + Ally Swann (P1):

Ally secured our main and expo bases with a lot of turrets, as well as helping with enemy big waves. We got only 1/3 bonus because I was trying to clear all buildings. Lost some time there. Later on, I used plenty of swarm hosts to help the Pack Leaders, while they were making their path to the slivers. Surprinsingly enough, the game went smoother than we thought.

#222 The Quick and the Undead – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Speed Freaks, Void Reanimators


https:// (Dehaka p3)

There are two general strats for this mutation: One-base snipe or zone defense. If you do one and your ally does the other, you’re gonna end up doing both poorly.

One-base snipe: defend your main and use top bar to snipe the slivers. The dead units will be reanimated and then go to your main, where your army will be waiting.

Zone defense: Defend the left side of the natural and the area of the 5:00 sliver. For some commanders, you can even push further and keep forces in the areas where slivers were cleared.

You can pseudo-trap reanimators by killing air units over dead space. Reanimators will try to revive them but they’ll be out of reach. As a result, they’ll just stand near the edge and do nothing.

You CAN full clear, but it’s not necessary.

For duos: Karax and Artanis

For solo queue: Tychus, Dehaka, Karax

Successes [and key points]

One base snipe

Alarak (p3) [mothership kills two slivers right away, then overcharge snipe]

Artanis (p3) [phoenixes can lift reanimators]

Fenix (p2) [kaldalis takes out 3 slivers immediately, then mass up and take out the other two]

Karax (p3) [keep monoliths on a hotkey and an obs in front]

Vorazun (p3) [time stop, snipe]

Mengsk (p3) [bunker snipe 2 slivers, nuke, then ESO, then nuke again]

Nova (p3) [pair of cloaked banshees to target down reanimators; nuke sliver, then finish off with liberators]

Raynor (p0) [tanks, bunkers, spider mines for defense; Vikings on the side for the 4th and 5th slivers (I used banshees, but Vikings are better)]

Zone defense

Abathur (p0) [all bonuses, too]

Dehaka (p3) [one haka on each side, creeper hosts snipe the slivers]

Kerrigan (p2) [stall until Kerrigan comes out, then omegas everywhere]

Stetmann (p2) [static D and lings on both sides; corruptors vs objective]

Stukov (p1) [dbacks; put overseers and a few dbacks in cleared areas to maintain vision]

Swann (p1) [static D on both sides; wraiths vs objectives]

Tychus (p2) [tychus pushes, Sirius at natural, nux at 5:00]

Zagara (p3) [take out 11:00 first, then the natural; charge 8:00 and 12:00 with ling army]

Zeratul (p2) [a few void templar on each side to target reanimators]

Cheese (Zoo)

Zeratul (p3) [no mining]

Abathur (p2)

HH (p2) [mag mines can’t really spawn camp waves due to speed freaks]

Questions about any of these runs are welcome. Some runs will be uploaded tomorrow or later this week.


Getting real tired to see the copypasted messages in each weekly mutation thread.

Anyway, Mengsk P3 works well, especially of you have an ally willing to cooperate and to ignore annoying bonus. Simply shell the Void Slivers from a safe distance with ESO
Mengsk with any other prestige could work just as well, but P3 provides a safety insurance in case your ESO fall under attack from randomly spawned enemies — and with these mutators it’ll happen quite often.

Not completely copy and pasted. I did add a new poll to vote on which replaces the commander of the week thing with something more updated. Plus I also started including CTG’s youtube videos. How would you suggest doing it differently?

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Nothing against you personally, pal. You’re an active forum member and doing your job well :+1:
It’s more related to those folks that come out of nowhere to post generic copypasta messages in the weekly mutation thread and then go slumbering until the new week comes to then do the same thing again.


Is it just me, or does this feel like one of the harder ones out there? Especially for a Brutal+2.

Karax P3 + Mengsk was able to do this…
I built defenses while my ally ESO-ed the objectives. For the tower line NW of the main, I should’ve built out more to the west/left to catch stray units from getting into the top base in the exp. The left base tower line was good. Just getting enough mass of towers to cover the whole area, and have enough “oomph” to repel attack waves, stream of reanimated units, and enough vision to zap Void Reanimators (although if they were in range of Monoliths, all the better to snipe them with). With attack waves, ofc. with SoA support.

The problem with this mutation is similar to void rifts. Though not as tough as void rifts, you need heroes that are able to defend against a constant onslaught of incoming enemies. So for me I’d say the top 4 best heroes here are

  1. Dehaka any prestige, but especially P3.

Impalers are excellent for dealing with waves of incoming enemies, but he does need some primal wurms to deal with air. Dehaka also incredible ways to be hyper aggressive and break into enemy lines as well as multiple ways to snipe shards and deal with all kinds of enemy comps.

  1. Mengsk

I was in a game with a Mengsk that was able to clear all the shards in under 10 minutes. We didn’t even take the nearby expansion. It was done through a combination of bunker drops and earthsplitters.

  1. Karax P1 or P3.

In terms of aggressive potential, Karax is not the best. However he makes up with it for his amazing defensive capabilities. If you go P1 with masteries set to boost reconstruction beam and structure health, then the enemy is going to have a toughh time breaking through your defenses. This can enable your partner to go on the aggressive.

  1. Egon Stetmann P2

I had an Egon do this in under 15 minutes. We also didn’t even take the expansion. It was insane. So yea. With the right skill P2 Egon is great here.

Zagara can be decent here with someone to defend. With the right skill on P3 she can snipe void shards like a pro.

Zeratul is also pretty good here. No surprise really.

Didn’t feel hard at all for me, i expected it to be much more difficult. This one is about making sure revived enemies and Reanimators come from specific directions, and clearing optionals and all buildings inbetween helps with that.

However, keep in mind that whoever gets the top starting position and/or top expansion is going to get attacked by everything that comes from the top. I was ready for it so it didn’t bother me that much, but i can see people lose because they don’t expect it.

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I got lucky to be paired up with a good Kerrigan P3 while as Stukov P3, They were diligent at spreading worms which made my infested army go faster under the effects of malignant creep, we even got 2/3 of the bonus too. They were also very alert at sniping the reanimators as they spawned allowing me to focus on swarming the slivers. Props to that Kerrigan player!

For the YT views I guess.

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I’ve been having a lot of fun with Karax and Dehaka on this mutation. Ctg says Karax P3 is best, but the loss of all the chronos is a bit big of a deal to me. I just went P1 and focused on defense. If you have an ally that is being aggressive you can build a few monoliths to attack shards. However Dehaka’s impalers are excellent for defense too. And Dehaka has always been a commander that is good at breaking into enemy lines.